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Rand Paul Insists Congress Vote on His Amendment to Restore Balance of Power

Wants to remove “sidekick status” from Congress

by Darrell England


Rand Paul is once again trying to restore checks and balances in government, this time by wanting to sunset the 2001 and 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force. He states, “Congress has no greater responsibility than defending our country, and the Founders entrusted it with the power of declaring war because they wanted such a weighty decision to be thoroughly debated by the legislature instead of unilaterally made by the Executive branch.” in the Rare.us article he authored.

Congress has vacated many of their roles but Rand seems to believe Americans are wanting to be heard with debates from their elected Representatives. How unreasonable could that request be?

Do you ‘Stand with Rand’ or prefer an automatic blanket of power be held solely at the Executive Branch to decide upon seemingly endless military engagements around the world for as long as desired without discussion?

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