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Poll: Trump Voters Think Trump Should Be Allowed to Have Private Email Server


By Kody Fairfield

A new poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, shows that Americans who voted for the Republican nominee apparently believe that President Donald Trump should be allowed to have his own private email server.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Americans who supported Trump apparently believe that he should be allowed to maintain his private email server in an ironic twist of fate or act of cognitive dissonance, since the usage of private servers by Democratic rival for President Hillary Clinton were a hallmark of Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Republicans overall oppose the idea of a private presidential server 39% to 44%, but this nearly flips when asked about Trump specifically.

The participants in the poll approved of the idea 42% to 39%. In the same cast of polling, voters also believe that Trump would be the worst President since Richard Nixon, with him starting with an approval rating of 44%.

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