Physics Reference Books For Class 10

A reference book is defined as the source of information in which the information is available in a systematic format with supporting examples. Also, this book is referred from time to time to understand the concepts. reference books provide a bird-eye view of the topics and usually contains factual information.

Having said that, finding the right reference book for class 10 Physics could be challenging. We know how crucial class 10 is for all students. Following is a list of reference books that are available subject-wise:

  • S.Aggarwal for Class 10 Mathematics
  • Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 10 Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

It is found that among students Lakhmir Singh Solutions is more preferable than other publications because they provide all the fundamental concepts with relevant examples. Every formula and theorems are explained in simple ways making students easy to understand the concepts.

Class 10 Physics Syllabus

Following are the six chapters that are covered in class 10 Physics syllabus:

Light – Reflections and Refraction

Reflection, refraction, scattering of light are some of the phenomena of light. Different types of mirrors and formulas related to mirror are discussed in reflection and refraction of light.

The Human Eye and The Colourful World

The human eye is one of the sense organs that help in seeing objects around us. Did you know that the lens in the human eye is a double convex lens? Many such interesting facts and concepts are covered in this chapter.


Current and voltage, Ohm’s law, an arrangement of resistors in series and parallel circuits are the concepts that are covered in electricity.

Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

Concepts such as magnetic field, magnetic force, and electromagnetic induction are discussed in this chapter. It is fascinating to know how magnetic fields can be used in the production of the electric current.

Sources of Energy

Sources of energy are categorised into two: conventional and non-conventional sources of energy. Both the categories of sources of energy help in understanding their importance and how their usage impacts the environment.

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