Online Divorce As a Way to Get an Inexpensive Marriage Dissolution

Most often, divorce does not look like a joyful event. However, the spouses who yet succeeded to part as friends or, at least, do not have many disagreements concerning their property, parental rights, or other matters, can really make it easier.

Yes, a divorce can be a pretty affordable and non-stressful process when it is about uncontested divorce. Following the U.S. Family law, an uncontested divorce can be arranged without an attorney and finally, over the Internet. The spouses may avoid plenty of irritating bureaucratic issues, save their time as well as minimize the total cost of divorce.

But first things first.

Why an Uncontested Divorce?

According to OnlineDivorce, The opportunity to simplify the marriage dissolution and get an online divorce relates namely to an uncontested divorce.

The thing is that when you decide to sue your spouse, or he/she wants to contest the case, both of you are strictly advised to hire attorneys to represent your separate interests and secure your rights and property. Each divorce is unique, but every contested divorce is even more special. When two lawyers fight battles for their clients and each of them is trying to prove the guilt of the second spouse and get more benefits for their client as a result of the court decision, it is hard to predict anything. Length, cost, and possible challenges of such a contested proceeding may vary greatly. Some divorce battles continue for years. And costly attorneys’ hourly fees only reinforce the parties’ desire to win a case and get as much marital property or increase spousal support. No wonder that contested divorce occurs less and less in the USA.

Unlike it, an uncontested divorce implies that both spouses want to get an as straightforward and cheap divorce as possible.

A no-fault uncontested divorce with an agreement is the simplest type of divorce. It occurs when the following conditions are met:

The plaintiff (the spouse who initiates a case) does not specify the actual cause of the separation.

He or she does not blame the other spouse for the breakup.

Both spouses agree to divorce.

Both spouses are ready to work on a marital settlement agreement.

Some states even provide a so-called Joint Petition for those spouses who can come and file for divorce together (like both of them are plaintiffs). Divorce with Joint Petition makes serving the defendant with divorce documents unnecessary, and it makes a divorce faster.

So an uncontested divorce is characterized by a simpler roadmap, and all the main actions required of the couple have much in common regardless of a case.

All this allows the divorcing spouses who are ready to negotiate to resort to online divorce with no hesitation and enjoy its benefits.

What are the Pros of Doing a Divorce Online?

  • You do not need to read and learn your state’s Family Law just to understand what forms and documents you need for your particular divorce case.
  • You do not need to wonder where to get all these forms.
  • You do not have to spend your time and go to the courthouse or clerk’s office to gather all the necessary divorce papers.
  • You do not need to feel sorry for the rainforests each time you’ve made a tiny mistake filling out the divorce forms and now are obliged to take the new paper and start all over again.
  • Finally, if you don’t want to, you do not need to hire an attorney for your uncontested divorce only to review your paperwork.

Online divorce usually means a service of divorce document preparation, which helps you to save time on the initial stage of the dissolution process.

Such a web divorce route starts with logging into one of such websites and checking whether your dissolution case suits this method. Then, the user typically should answer a brief online questionnaire. His or her responds are assumed to provide the system with all the needed information regarding a certain proceeding. The length of the marriage, children of the marriage, if any, common property if any, military status of either spouse, the place of residency and filing for divorce, and other factors are considered. Based on these data, an online divorce company can form and present the divorce paperwork kit, which meets all the conditions of a particular divorce case. The customer gets their forms by email just within a couple of days and can print, sign and file them with the court immediately.

Since divorce laws and rules vary significantly from state to state (and in some matters, even from county to county), it is essential to take into account all the peculiarities. Online divorce is not a brand new option, and you can choose among plenty of providers, paying attention to the company’s reputation and clients’ reviews.

The cost of such a service is usually affordable and is set for the couple, not for each spouse. Comparable to the lawyers’ flat fees for an uncontested case, the spouses typically may save up to $500.

And What is After the Paperwork Part?

Some people confuse online document preparation with an actual online divorce proceeding. Paperwork drafting services specialize only in documents. Staff can help understand the rules for filing, or perform a service process, but the submission of documents to the court is usually up to the spouses.

Those who are eager to complete divorce online without attending a court at all should check whether e-filing for divorce is available in their state and county. Not all U.S. jurisdictions recognize this procedure now. However, the popularity of e-filing in civil cases is continuously increasing, and things are changing.

Electronic filing for divorce implies that you can apply for a divorce by downloading your completed divorce forms with a specific e-filing provider. Then you can receive them back (online as well) with the court stamp. This how entirely online divorce looks. You need to print just the copies which must be delivered to your spouse to notify him or her about divorce. But the divorce officially starts when the court puts a stamp on the petition for dissolution. It does not matter whether it is a physical or electronic seal.

P. S.

So, divorce should not necessarily be a time-consuming and costly process. In the last decades, the U.S. judiciary has adopted many changes and new regulations designed to ease a divorce process.

A cheap and quick divorce is possible now, especially for those spouses who want to divorce amicably and ready to responsibly approach the preparation of their arrangements and divorce paperwork. Explore different options, read reviews, and save wisely. Online divorce may turn out to be a great option to save time on bureaucracy and devote attention to the settlement agreement, parenting plan, or just personal emotional condition and have some rest.




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