One Year After Mandalay Bay Massacre And Answers Are Still Hard To Come By, Says Las Vegas Reporter

One Year After Mandalay Bay Massacre And Answers Are Still Hard To Come By, Says Las Vegas Reporter

by Nick Givas

Reporter for The Las Vegas Review-Journal, Wade Millward, said there are still lingering questions following the one year anniversary of the mass shooting at Mandalay Bay in Nevada.

The shooting killed 58 people and left over 850 injured or wounded last October, but the shooter’s motives still remain unclear. (RELATED: Would Stricter Gun Control Have Prevented The Mandalay Bay Massacre?)

“I hear it from a lot of officials. I hear it from a lot of survivors. Here we are a year out and all we have are really pieces of a puzzle of who this guy was and what made him carry this out,” Millward said.

Millward also said the shooter Stephen Paddock, may have had sinister reasons for erasing his digital footprint before he carried out the shooting.

“This move to erase who he was and his planning may have had even deeper implications, you know, in terms of protecting the family from other — from deeper troubles,” he said.

Millward said the casino is trying to be active within the local community to help ease the pain of the shooting, but has still drawn anger from victims and citizens over the lack of answers.

“The casino, they have provided things in kind of fits and spurts. They did a while back release some surveillance video of the gunman walking around their property and interacting with staff,” Millward added.

“The casino, they’ll be at memorial events today. They will be helping the survivors kind of mark the seriousness of today at the property itself.”

“You see the casino doing some things with the community. Of course, there are survivors who still have a lot of questions. Still seeking a lot of answers,” he concluded. “The casino is involved litigation with some of them, so I think time will really tell.”

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