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Obama is a Charlatan and a Fraud, But His DNC Speech Should Have Republicans Terrified

Last night the nauseating spectacle of the Democratic National Convention continued, giving Americans little rest after suffering the Republicans’ convention just last week. Each party laid out their platforms and visions for the country, setting the tone for the national campaigns to come.

While partisans on both sides will tell you that their party is going to surely win in November, last night’s display should trouble Republicans. Last night President Obama reminded America why he has won two elections. His speech was well crafted and expertly delivered. The man may be a disappointing leader, but he is great at campaigning and smooth and effective with a teleprompter.

Obama gets to go out doing what he loves: campaigning. He was in his element last night, crafting false narratives with dramatic flair and tapping into the crowd’s energy. We have all been marveling at Donald Trump’s populist campaign, but long before “Make America Great Again” there was “Hope and Change.”

As an objective outsider, who is neither supporting Trump nor Hillary, I can tell you that Obama is going to be a game changer. Trump provides an easy target for a man who is a master of delivering pre-scripted words. Watch this highlight clip from his speech last night and think about how effective Obama’s words and approach are going to be to average, independent voters.

Obama even quotes Ronald Reagan to criticize Trump. Watch the Buzzfeed video and let us know what you think.

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