NYPD officer allegedly smuggling elite rifles to the Philippines

We can’t have them here, but feel free to ship them overseas…

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly is facing tough questions after an officer was arrested and accused of smuggling high-powered rifles to the Philippines. Rex Maralit is named as the NYPD veteran officer who would purchase the weapons and then transport them to his brother, Wilfredo, offshore. Wilfredo is reportedly a border customs agent and was arrested as well. The complaint also names a third Maralit brother overseas who would distribute the guns locally who is currently on the run. ABC News reports:  Commissioner Kelly had little to say about the alleged role of one of his officers in the gunrunning scheme. “All I can tell you is that you have to read the indictment, the charges that he was sending parts to his brother that was also arrested who was a border custom protections agent in, in, in Los Angeles,” Kelly said.


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