New Video Emerges of Gang & Undercover NYPD Biker brutality (GRAPHIC)

Watching the Watchers…

The Libertarian Republic has been covering the story of Alexian Lien, who was chased and brutally beaten by a biker gang last week. Sources have revealed that as many as six undercover NYPD officers were in the gang, although they were off-duty and not involved in an investigation at the time. One of the officers who was there that day just drove away when he saw the violence.

The detective did not have a badge, or gun, and was aware of cases in which officers had been suspended or dismissed for blowing their cover, “he had no other option, so he drove away,” said lawyer Philip Karasyk, who works with the Detectives’ Endowment Association.

A new video has surfaced showing another angle of the beating, and could be used to implicate the officer who allegedly participated in the violence that day. It has not yet been confirmed if the officer is shown in this video.

The New York Post has reported that the officer turned in his badge and is now under investigation. Authorities are asking for anyone with more information to call their tips hotline and report their story.

The original video of the event