UPDATE: NYPD Undercover officer was INVOLVED in biker gang violence against father

Public Servants or Public Enemies?

la foto1.jpgThe Libertarian Republic has been reporting on a story from New York City, where a biker gang chased and brutally beat a man last week. Now it has been revealed that not only were six undercover NYPD officers in the gang, but one of them actually participated in the violence that day. None of the officers involved were on duty and none of them chose to intervene to stop the beating.

Alexian Lien was driving on the West Side Highway when he suddenly found himself surrounded by a biker gang, who penned him in and brake checked him, causing him to slow down and fear he and his family were in danger. Lien attempted to escape and accidentally ran over a biker in the process.

The gang chased him down the streets of Manhattan, catching up to him at one point and causing him to stop his vehicle. At that point, gang members began destroying the van and pulling Lien out of the car to beat him mercilessly while his family watched. Now, sources at the New York Post are revealing that one of the officers who was on the scene not only didn’t help, they participated in the senseless violence.

The unidentified officer is reportedly a seven-year-veteran of the NYPD, who originally claimed he didn’t intervene because the incident was almost over. The Post is reporting that an unreleased video proves otherwise and the officer has turned in his badge during the investigation.

“I think we all, no matter what your job is, have an obligation to help one another,’’ Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on MSNBC on Monday. “And if you see somebody getting beaten up, you know, let’s go jump in and stop the fight.”

Video of the incident