Native Americans to Neo-Nazis in North Dakota: GTFO!

tumblr_mtk6pbfn4E1shmplio1_1280“Nazis… I hate these guys.”

The largest branch of the American National Socialist movement has begun to take up residence in the small North Dakota town of Leith. Native Americans and other activists are protesting the group’s arrival in their area. They held a rally on the 22nd  “to prevent white supremacists from terrorizing”  the community. The National Socialist group has reportedly targeted the town for a takeover because it is mostly white and they hope to create an all-white enclave.

The nazi group issued a press release that reads: 

“We do have every intention to legally assume control of the local government as our numbers increase in the area, and more of our Folk move into the town. This trip to Leith is a symbolic gesture of good will and faith, as we plant the seeds of National Socialism firmly into the North Dakota soil.“

PoliticalBlindSpot reports:

Neo-Nazi Jeff Schoep said that this is not just about moving somewhere, but taking over all local offices to form an overtly white supremacist government. ”We have every intention of legally assuming control of the local government.” The Southern Poverty Law Center, said that the group in question, the U.S. National Socialist Movement, is the biggest Neo-Nazi group in the United States. The leader of the hate-group, Craig Cobb said in an interview with WXMB-TV in Bismarck, ”It’s fine for all these other minorities, but not us.” He said the town was a type of “little Europe,” not noting that there are many non-Caucasians in Europe and have been since antiquity. He also did not explain why they did not simply migrate to Europe instead of colonized Native American land.

Photos from the rally. Sourced from Revolution News Twitter 

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