Mykonos island among the most famous destinations around the globe

You have seen it in travel magazines and guides, you have heard a lot of stories about it from people around you who have been there and maybe you dream about visiting it next summer. Mykonos island doesn’t really need any advertisement as it has become one of the top summer destinations in the world.

  • Cosmopolitan lifestyle with a fascinating multi-culti vibe

Bright, picturesque and cosmopolitan, Mykonos attracts the VIPs of the entire planet like a magnet. The dream beaches combined with the lively nightlife make this Cycladic island a top tourist destination ready to satisfy all tastes and needs.

You will feel the unique Mykonian lifestyle the first moment you rent a Mykonos Villa decorated and designed to introduce you to the extraordinary, mythical atmosphere of the island.

What is actually special about Mykonos is its absolute cosmopolitan atmosphere where different cultures and nationalities meet and mix together.  What indeed made the island famous during the ‘70s was the fact that different lifestyles were very well tolerated by the locals. Even nudists and gays were accepted and allowed to express themselves, while in other places they were mistreated, forbidden or even prohibited.

  • Extraordinary nightlife – constant partying

There are only very few places on Earth where you can find a party any time of the day or night – and Mykonos is definitely among them. All you have to do is to hang around at Mykonos Town or the southern party beaches and there is no way you will not find a party that suits you.

Nightlife at Mykonos starts with the sunset and ends when the first rays of the sun fill the sky. The whole night on the island is party time, with loud dance music coming out from every bar or club. The center of Mykonos Town becomes crowded and people drink, dance or socialize inside or outside the venues.

At the party beaches parties start even earlier, usually around 3 to 5 o’clock in the afternoon – and even a morning party is not something unusual.

  • Spectacular sandy beaches

You can choose among more than 20 Mykonos’ sandy beaches for swimming, sunbathing or trying some water sports. They all have golden sand and turquoise waters and usually small rocky hills around them protect them from the winds.

Organized beaches have plenty of options for a meal or a drink, umbrellas and sun beds for rent and shops. Nudists will find their paradise at Elia, Super Paradise or Agios Sostis, families will spend a wonderful day at Ornos, Kalafatis, Platys Gialos, Agios Stefanos or Agios Ioannis and party animals will enjoy the dance music and the amazing seaside of Paradise, Psarou and Paranga beaches. Couples and people who prefer less crowded places also have their favorite beaches on the island: Lia, Agrari and Fragia. Everyone can find his or her perfect beach in Mykonos!

  • First –class restaurants and taverns

Eating is a kind of art in Mykonos. You will see a lot of gourmet restaurants with famous chefs that offer their best signature dishes to their guests. Fresh local ingredients – such as fish, seafood, vegetables and dairy – are perfectly combined with exotic spices to create unforgettable culinary experiences. Most of the fine dining restaurants have their own wine cellars with an amazing wine and champagne list.

If you prefer something more casual and local, taverns offer great fish or meat menus. Choose a tavern on the seaside to enjoy the whole “summer in a Greek island” concept.

  • Sightseeing of the ancient islands of Delos and Rhenia

Delos and Rhenia have an impressive, long history. They were very famous in ancient times and lots of their ancient secrets were revealed by the recent excavations. Many items like statues, pots and tools are kept at the two archeological museums in Mykonos and Delos. But visiting the archeological sites in Delos and Rhenia will give you a much better idea of the culture that thrived here thousands of years ago.


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