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Miami Police Officer Arrested For Stealing From Citizens


By Amber Randall

A Miami police officer was arrested for allegedly stealing money from residents.

The department also relieved Officer Jose Acosta of his duties after his arrest, reports ABC News. Acosta now faces one count of armed robbery and another count of armed grand theft.

“The city of Miami Police Department will not tolerate actions that betray the oath of our office as public servants and contradict our duty to serve and to protect our communities,” Deputy Chief  Luis Cabrera said.

Sources said that Acosta, who has only been with the department six months, was arrested as part of a sting operation conducted by the Miami Police Department and Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

The investigation started after people began accusing Acosta of taking money from citizens during traffic stops. Acosta has since been relieved of his duties and is no longer receiving pay, Cabrera added.

He plans to address the robberies more in depth during a press conference Monday.

This scandal comes shortly after the department fired three Miami police officers who were accused of making racist statements about residents.

The three rookie officers made “off-color remarks” about black neighborhoods in Miami, joking that they could use the neighborhoods as target practice.  (RELATED:Miami Cops Fired After Joking About Violence In Black Neighborhoods)

“Comments like those made by the three probationary officers, suggesting the use of human beatings for target practice, do not reflect the community policing principles we advocate. This decision was made in consultation with Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes,” Danny Alfonso, the city manager, said of the firing.

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