Breaking: Man Barges Into Classroom, Pepper Sprays Economist, Attempts Citizen’s Arrest (VIDEO)

Armed with pepper spray, a stun gun and handcuffs, Jonathan Pendleton barges into classroom and attacks professor.


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George Mason economist and popular writer Tyler Cowen was lecturing on vigilante justice yesterday when Jonathan Pendleton barged into his classroom – armed with pepper spray, a stun gun and handcuffs.

The intruder leaped onto a table and announced that he was placing Cowen under “citizen’s arrest.”

Jonathan Pendleton's booking photo.
Jonathan Pendleton’s booking photo.

Students apparently thought that the intrusion was a part of the lecture, but things took a turn for the worse when Pendleton pepper sprayed Cowen in the face.

A student who attempted to protect Cowen was then hit by Pendleton’s stun gun, an Arlington police spokesman told The Libertarian Republic. Pendleton then attempted to handcuff Cowen, chasing the economist into the hall. The attacker was finally subdued by a student.

Police arrested Pendleton and have charged him with abduction and assault with a caustic substance.

Medics examined Cowen and at least 12 students after the incident, though no one was hospitalized. Cowen has announced that he is back at work.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

Update: A man identifying himself as Jonathan Pendleton left a threatening comment on Cowen’s website on March 17th. The commenter promises to “arrest” Cowen “in the next couple weeks before school starts again.”

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