Man Gets Shot, Takes Bloody Selfie

MESA, AZ – A man who got shot and took a selfie of himself has gone viral. Thankfully he’s still alive to enjoy his fame.

Isaac Martinez posted the photo to update his friends with what just happened. They didn’t believe him at first, but then they realized what was going on. Martinez was one of six victims in a shooting spree which occurred in Mesa, Arizona. A gunman had demanded his car keys, but Martinez refused. “I told him no. I saw him pull out some steel and I immediately told everyone to get down and the next thing I know I was hitting the floor too, and I got up and immediately felt warm, and I knew what happened and told everyone to stay back,” he said.

When asked why he stopped to take a selfie, he said:

“My thought process was the danger had left, I got shot, I’m ok, I’m over it. So then I thought why be frustrated about something that happened, when I can be happy about something that is happening,” said Martinez.

He was shot in the shoulder, but managed to be released from the hospital in only hours.
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