Could a Libertarian be the Next Governor of Texas? Ft. Kathie Glass (PODCAST)

Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of Texas Kathie Glass joins the Freedom Report to discuss her run for office. Glass is a Houston lawyer who has worked in the liberty movement for 28 years and is running on a platform of nullification of federal laws.

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Glass believes that nullification is like a strong muscle that has atrophied, and it’s time to give it a workout. She says that if agents of the federal government were to try to enforce unconstitutional laws in Texas, she’d have them arrested!

Glass discusses her views on her opponents Wendy Davis and Greg Abbot, as well as gives her opinion on the topic that sank tea party favorite Debra Medina’s campaign, namely whether the events of 9/11 were a conspiracy orchestrated by our own government.

All that and more on a special episode of the Freedom Report, brought to you in part by Amagi Metals, The Libertarian Republic’s trusted metals dealer.

Photo credit (KYTX)

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