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By Kody Fairfield

A political columnist who voted for then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential election has some blunt advice for the twice failed presidential candidate after she announced her intentions this week to remain involved in politics, reports the Blaze.

“Hey, Hillary Clinton, shut the f— up and go away already,” wrote Gersh Kuntzman, a columnist at the New York Daily News, in a column earlier this week.

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“I voted for Clinton on Nov. 8 and thought she’d be a good president,” he explained. “But she lost. And she still wants us to feel bad about that. And, worse, she’s still blaming everyone else.”

Kuntzman’s upsettedness appears to be in response to Clinton’s recent faux acceptanc responsibility for her loss, in which she quickly turn around and blamed misogyny, FBI director James Comey, and anyone else she could. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton: “I Would Be Your President” If Not for Russia, Comey, or Misogyny)

In his column, titled, “Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be writing a book — she should be drafting a long apology to America,” Kuntzman lays out the reasons why Clinton lost the election, despite her failure to admit even one, according to the Blaze.

“Boo hoo,” he wrote. “Simon & Schuster may want Hillary Clinton to write the history, but I’m not about to let her re-write it. No one deserves more blame for the election debacle than Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Kuntzman instead argued that Clinton lost the race for four reasons: her “untrustworthiness,” a poorly run campaign, her private email server and her Goldman-Sachs speeches.

Remember her fainting spell at the 9/11 ceremony? Remember how long it took for her to tell the truth? Remember how that reminded every voter in America that Hillary Clinton’s first instinct is to lie?

Just like she did when she claimed she had taken sniper fire during a First Lady trip to Bosnia. Just as she did when she said she never sent classified documents over her private email server.

He wrote of her untrustworthiness.

He explained that upon Clinton claiming that Trump’s supporters were a “basket of deplorables,” the election was “was pretty much over.”

On the former Secretary of State utilizing a private email server, Kuntzman said: “It’s basic. The only reason to set up a private email server — and delete some of the emails on it — is because you want to hide something from the public. Clinton never provided a good answer to the simple question, ‘Why would you do that?’”

Lastly, Clinton can blame her tight relationship with Wall Street as a reason she lost to Trump, according to Kuntzman, explained the Blaze.

“You can’t be a prostitute on Wall Street and then go to church on Main Street,” he wrote.

“The American public does not want a book from Hillary Clinton. It wants an abject apology. And it wants it for free. She got what she deserved: She lost,” Kuntzman concluded. “Now she needs to shut up and go home.”

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