Leftists Triggered: #ImWithHer Trending After LP Nominates Jo Jorgensen

America woke up on Sunday morning of Memorial Day Weekend to find an old hashtag had been resurrected. #ImWithHer was trending on Twitter.

Had Biden selected a woman as his running mate? Nope—or not yet at least. The Libertarian Party, after a long and contentious online convention lasting 4 rounds of ballots, nominated Jo Jorgensen for President. 

In their announcement, they state:

“Jorgensen holds a doctorate in industrial/organizational psychology from Clemson University where she teaches. A native of Grayslake, Illinois, Jorgensen is a wife, mother and grandmother currently living in Greenville, South Carolina.”

However, not all were celebrating. Some very angry Leftists were not at all thrilled that #ImWithHer was being used for a candidate other than Hillary Clinton.

Here I’ve mined some of the saltiest Tweets from triggered Leftists.








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