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Julie Borowski’s 2016 Wish List

Here is my wishlist for 2016…

  1. The Federal Reserve gets audited.
  2. More states legalize marijuana.
  3. PG County in Maryland repeals its ban on pit bulls.
  4. Lindsey Graham resigns.
  5. Man buns go out of fashion.
  6. Bernie Sanders supports learn basic economics.
  7. Donald Trump learns the benefits of free trade.
  8. Ugg boots die a slow and painful death.
  9. More states repeal gun waiting periods.
  10. …And stupid bans on “scary” looking guns.
  11. Rand Paul gets bolder and talks more about libertarian issues.
  12. The troops are finally brought home!
  13. Social justice warriors become completely irrelevant.
  14. Women’s eyebrows stop looking like sharpie caterpillars.
  15. Birth control pills become available over the counter.
  16. Obama finally admits ObamaCare has been a disaster.
  17. I get to eat tacos without being accused of cultural appropriation.
  18. Uber is legalized everywhere.
  19. The NSA stops reading my junk.
  20. I can go to the airport without going through a radiation scanner or being touched.
  21. The legal immigration system stops being a complete mess.
  22. There’s a sequel to Heavy Weights… great movie.
  23. Edward Snowden gets to safety come back to the U.S.
  24. Lena Dunham cuts the crap.
  25. Someone not horrible becomes president. lol jk not going to happen.


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