Is CBD Effective In Undoing The Side Effects Caused By THC

Very often, people talk about consuming CBD to counter the ill effects of THC consumption.

Now, while it is true, to some extent, several factors might come into play in such cases. Studies are still being conducted about the effectiveness of CBD in undoing the side effects of THC, like anxiety.  

What are the factors that influence CBD’s effectiveness on THC’s side effects?

  • The type of CBD product that you consume.
  • Your body type and genetics.
  • The nature and intensity of your anxiety issues.
  • The ratio of the dose of CBD and THC.

Several research pieces on a large group of people have verified the positive impacts of CBD on reducing anxiety. CBD claims offer some great health benefits, but it is not psychoactive like THC. Thus, when both the compounds are mixed, they do work in some exciting ways. For example, in a mixed strain, it was found that CBD is reducing the pain-killing capabilities of THC along with lowering the paranoia caused by the latter.

What are the effects of CBD on anxiety?

The working mechanism of CBD on reducing the effects of anxiety is that it modulates the receptor signals of THC. It is one of the main reasons why CBD-THC mixed strains have become so popular in medical science. It can be said that CBD does control the effects of THC by modulating excessive cannabinoid activities. By consuming the right quantity and variant of CBD, one can control anxiety and other paranoid side effects caused by the overconsumption of THC. If you suffer from anxiety or depression and want to embark on a natural healing journey, you can check out Green Health Docs in order to get a medical cannabis card online. 

Choosing the right CBD product

Selecting the right CBD product is primarily important in undoing the side effects caused by THC. If you are unsure, here are few things to keep in mind while using your Oklahoma medical card for buying genuine CBD products –

  • Make sure to always go for lab-tested products, as they can guarantee their cannabinoid content. You would precisely know the amount of each component in the product without any additional hassles.
  • If you wish to get relief fast, go for smoking or vaping CBD. However, keep in mind that if you consume your CBD using these methods, there will be a considerable THC present. You can go for CBD-rich oil, but it will not help you if it has THC content. So, ensure to check out the CBD and THC ratio before buying.
  • You can use ingestible oil that gets absorbed by the body quickly and is one of the fastest ways to reduce anxiety. They offer great benefits as they are absorbed into the bloodstream directly.

To conclude, even though CBD might reduce the side effects caused by THC in some individuals, you must consult your doctor before you decide anything for yourself. Remember, not everything suits everyone, so we need to be cautious and seek medical guidance in case of THC overdose for the safest remedy.


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