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In Paris Aftermath, Salon’s Chief Concern is Conservatives

Andrew Follett

The left-wing news website Salon ran an article claiming Republicans and conservatives on Twitter are serving a “vanguard of what is likely to be a very ugly backlash” directly after the Paris terrorists attacks.

As shown in the image below, in an act of poor taste, the story was located directly below’s number two story, entitled “My friend asked me to shave his b*lls.”

Screenshot taken of website 7:05 PM EST.

The article claims that “[d]etails of today’s horrific attacks in Paris are barely starting to emerge, but conservatives have wasted no time in taking to Twitter to blame their usual targets.” The article then cites  various tweets from prominent Republicans and conservatives which Salon claims are “calling for more war” and “lash out at Obama, immigrants, and college students.”

At least 158 people were reportedly killed and dozens wounded in multiple, apparently coordinated, attacks. An attacker in the Paris concert hall shouted “Allahu akbar,” Arabic for “God is Great,” before firing into the crowd, according to witnesses.

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