How to sign up for Pastor Chris’ Global Ministers’ Classroom

Join Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for the fifth edition of the Global Ministers’ Classroom (GMC). The GMC is scheduled to take place on Friday, 2nd of June, from 9 AM EST and will conclude on Saturday, 3rd of June.

If you are a spiritual leader, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Global Ministers’ Classroom is the platform for you.

From Friday, 2nd of June, until Saturday, 3rd of June, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome hosts the Global Ministers’ Classroom.

The free online event is for all ministers of the gospel, pastors, youth ministers, evangelists, prophets, teachers, apostles, missionaries, and ministry executives worldwide.

Register today and be part of the spiritual transformation taking place at the Global Ministers’ Classroom.

The purpose of the Global Ministers’ Classroom is to equip pastors etc. for the future.

“God is getting us ready for the final phase of the work of the church in this world with the Global Ministers’ Classroom. We can help someone else to receive salvation; help those around us to learn the word; show them the path of life. Teach them how to live,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome explained. 

He aims to inspire participants of the Global Ministers’ Classroom, and inspiring others is essential, according to the Christ Embassy founder.

“If you inspire one minister, you are inspiring hundreds and hundreds, thousands and millions of people. Every single minister is so important so let us do our best for the Lord,” he has stated in the past.

Pastor Chris at Global Ministers’ Classroom: “God will change your life”

The event is offered through the International School of Ministry (ISM), a branch of the Christ Embassy church, which was founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in 1987.

The International School of Ministry was started in 2007 and offers a unique spiritual and academic opportunity to be trained and equipped as a minister of the gospel.

There are many courses offered throughout the year at the International School of Ministry, and over the years, the school has given thousands of people the opportunity of being tutored by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome himself.

Ministers and pastors all over the world have had their lives transformed by the grace and supernatural encounter they received at the International School of Ministry. The ministers have found that they themselves are able to teach the word of God with more conviction, knowledge, and deeper insight following the Global Ministers’ Classroom.

“From participating in this program, God will change your life and thinking processes because He loves you. He needs you, and His plan is to reach and bless others through you,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome told the attending ministers at the Global Ministers’ Classroom in 2021.

Soul-winning on the program at Global Ministers’ Classroom

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, through his teachings, serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment for church leaders, enabling them to convey God’s message of forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life to people worldwide. 

By engaging with the Christ Embassy founder and other pastors from the ministry, participants can anticipate gaining profound insights into divine strategies for successful soul-winning and evangelism at the Global Ministers’ Classroom.

The sermons of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome provide profound wisdom and understanding of the need for soul-winning and maintaining the souls brought to Jesus Christ.

“Nothing should be more important to you than ensuring the spread of the gospel in your world and around the world. You must realize that your earthly job, business, education, or other career are your opportunities and vehicles for transporting the gospel. When you commit your life to soul-winning, you discover the satisfaction and fulfillment nothing else in life can give you,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has emphasized in the past.

Soul-winning is only one part of the program at the Global Ministers’ Classroom. The courses include all aspects of ministerial needs for every pastor and church leader. That includes kingdom finance, church administration, ministry gifts, lay ministry, structuring for growth, the duties of a pastor, doctrines, and so many more enriching programs.

Ministers have testified to having their lives transformed at the previous editions of the Global Ministers’ Classroom. 

Testimony from Ukraine: “Pastor Chris helped us understand the times we live in”

After the previous editions of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Global Ministers’ Classroom, testimonies from all over the world have made it to social media.

From Ukraine, Pastor Helena Afelt testified: 

“I am amazed at how much knowledge I took out of the Global Ministers’ Classroom. It was more than a program to me. Pastor Chris taught us about ministry, he helped us to understand the times we are living in. At the end of each lesson, when the man of God prayed, he declared words. Those words were for me.  Those words lifted me, strengthened me, and transformed me. I know that together with Pastor Chris, we will take the seven billion for Christ. I am so thankful to the man of God for the opportunity.” 

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