How to maintain eye health?

All of us have experienced a disrupt in our lifestyle routines after being hit by the pandemic. Online learning and homeschooling have become the new normal. This, coupled with the stress caused by financial disruptions due to lost jobs, has made us all vulnerable to deteriorating mental and physical health.

Now in this condition, one thing that has grown to be a bigger monster due to the changed routines is blue light from laptop screens. This article talks about the importance of blue light glasses along with some effective diet tips to take care of your precious pair of eyes.

What is blue light

White light, generally known as sunlight, is a spectrum of the seven colours of the rainbow. This spectrum is then divided into the visible and invisible spectrum. The invisible spectrum includes the violet and indigo colours while all the other five colours make up the visible spectrum. Now blue light is the last colour of the visible spectrum, moving with the highest energy in its group. So, it is this extremely high energy that contributes to the damaging nature of the blue waves.

Effects of blue light

  • Retinal damage

The cornea of our eyes is well efficient in blocking more than 90% of blue waves from entering our eyes. However, it fails to filter any amount of blue rays from penetrating through it. When these waves pass through the retinal tissues, they induce multiple toxic reactions in the cells. This results in retinal damage and gradual loss of vision.

  • Computer eye syndrome

Digital eye strain, also called the Computer Eye Syndrome is induced when blue light from different screens results in a contrast in our vision. This is an extremely prevalent problem where the symptoms include dry, sore and itchy eyes.

  • Macular degeneration

While short exposure to blue light from the sun may not result in a problematic disease or syndrome, brief and frequent exposure of higher intensity blue waves from screens can result in Age-Related Macular Degeneration. This disease is a leading cause of blindness in the older generation of the UK.

  • Cataract

If you or any of your close friends have ever had a cataract surgery, you would remember your doctor telling you about inserting an intraocular lens in the affected eye. This is a lens specially designed to replace the eye lens and provide it extra protection and shield from blue waves. Anti blue light glasses are also recommended by the doctors post a cataract surgery.

  • Insomnia

Blue light is also known to alter our sleep cycle. Melatonin, the sleep hormone is released in increased quantities under the influence of blue light, whether from the sun or any artificial sources. This is why we feel active and awake during the day and drowsy at night. Blue light exposure from screens results in the suppression of this hormone, resulting in awakeness and loss of sleep even during the night.

Anti blue light glasses

Anti blue light lenses are a revolution in the eyewear industry. A special coating on these glasses helps to block and reflect back a significant portion of blue waves dropping on them.

X-blue light glasses are now available in various stores around the UK. While you might find a huge variety of cheap glasses online, they don’t really do the job due to the poor amount of protection that they provide.

However, there’s this one brand called Specscart that is producing an excellent quality men’s glasses like browlines and thick-rimmed rectangles and women’s glasses like cat-eyes and tinted transparent frames. All the frames that you buy from them are of premium quality and come at a super affordable price range.

Best foods for eye health

Another effective way to fight blue light damage is good food and nutrition:

  • You can try to make some healthy yet yummy breakfast recipes like a smoothie. Don’t forget to add a few blueberries and nuts in them because they are an excellent source for antioxidants and anthocyanins.
  • Fruits like oranges (rich in Vitamin C) and salads made of some green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale make excellent snacks for small hunger pangs.
  • If you are looking for some good foods for a full meal, don’t miss on carrots, legumes and bell peppers.

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