College Paper Writing: Write it in 1 Night and Ace it

When you have an urgent essay to complete and produce it the following morning, you need to work the whole night. Writing and completing a paper in a night is quite a challenging task because there will be less time, and exhaustion will lead to sleepiness. You may not know this, but legitimate essay writing services will be helpful with this task.

Hence, you need to pay extra attention to the actual techniques of writing and organize them well. This guide will help you to write a paper in one night and deliver it the next day. 

Step # 1: Pick the topic

The only way to write a paper quickly is to pick up your topic if your professor allows you. The plan is to select a broad topic. It is easy to fill a 10-page paper about the life of Aristotle rather than creating a bunch of fluffy words around posterior analytics. 

Also, it is wise to choose a topic that has plenty of research already done on it. When you are writing an essay within a short span of time, you won’t try to invent something new. Basically, you will be collaging other person’s research and arranging them in your words.

Step # 2: Research

Probably the fastest way to write down a paper is to make a thorough research first and then develop the thesis. When you try to develop a thesis early, you may miss some valuable information that supports your paper. So where will you find them?

Wikipedia is a source where you will get sufficient information on any topic. You can also find out relevant information through Google search. Make use of every website that is valuable for the assignment and copy-paste them in a separate place. 

Now you got all the required information. Simply curate them in your own words for your paper. Make sure you don’t plagiarize the whole content. 

Step # 3: Start developing your thesis

Now that you have completed your research, you have got the idea of how your essay should appear. Professors don’t like irrelevant stuff. So try to make your writings as specific as it can get with all the requisite information in it.

Hence, when you are writing about a particular person, talk about how they can influence a large community, made significant contributions during that period, survived difficult circumstances, and so on. When you write an essay keeping these factors in mind, you can finish it in due time.

Step # 4: Develop the body

Once you are done following the aforementioned steps, it’s time to read your stuff and organize them by taking out unnecessary things that don’t fit. Sort out how many paragraphs you want. Ensure that each paragraph is specifically discussing something.

Remember that different sources will have their own tone and style of writing. Even when you put them together in your own words, they may sound different. That will raise the eyebrows of your professor and they will be sure that you are plagiarizing. 

Step # 5: Create an introduction and conclusion

After developing the body of your essay, you need to add an introduction and conclusion. An intro paragraph should have some kind of context. For instance, if the paper is about a specific person, a short bio will be perfect. If it is about a thing, explain briefly some of its aspects like what it is, or how it’s used, and so on.

Finding a great conclusion is difficult to write. That’s because you have already covered all the important things in the paper. When you are writing about a person or a thing, talk about their legacy like their impact on the future generations, how they conceived the idea, etc.

Step # 6: Get some sleep

Don’t waste your time proofreading after you have completed writing. Read the whole thing the following morning. Remember that an exhausted mind won’t be able to find flaws. Its better you revise your paper with a fresh mind, and correct things if there is any.

Also, don’t wait for the last minute to take a print out of your work. Things might turn ugly if your printer is unable to print. So, keep that in mind and take print outs as early as possible.


Now that you have got your paper printed, congratulations. You wrote in within a night and delivered it in due time.