How to Grow Your Instagram Followers Immediately

Using an Instagram bot to boost your followers and engagement can be an effective and viable way to make progress as you start to build your account. People may see an Instagram growth service as spammy or risky, but that’s not always the case at all. Click here to check out ViralRace, one of my favorite Instagram growth tools.

When used responsibly and strategically, bots can be as useful as any other tool. You should know that they aren’t meant to replace authentic engagement and quality content production on your part. Rather, they can help you to better allocate your time toward these things. Take a look at how to growth hack your Instagram with a bot.

  1. Use Only One Service

Some people may think it’s smart to employ the use of multiple automation programs in order to get even faster results. However, that’s definitely a bad idea. Using only one is the safest way to approach growth hacking your social media automatically. Instagram is quite picky about user authenticity on the platform.

Their algorithm will pick up on the use of multiple services by a user, and you will probably be banned. That is definitely counterintuitive to your goals. So it’s best to choose a quality Instagram automation service and stick with just that one as you start to grow your following.

  1. Don’t Go Too Fast

As with the warning to use only one service at a time, you should also not expect your bot to move too quickly when it comes to adding followers. Any activity that seems inauthentic can be perceived by Instagram to be spam, which could lead to detrimental results. Instead, simply choose the demographic targets that matter to you and allow the automation to reach out to those types of users. When folks begin to see you’ve followed them, they will likely visit your profile to check you out.

This is your chance to gain some new followers, so be sure your account is looking its best with quality photos and a bio that truly shares your message and tells who you are. Give people time to naturally find you once the bot is set in motion, and you’ll see growth before too long.

  1. Maintain a Reasonable Follow Ratio

Always remember that moving too quickly can look suspicious. This includes the number of profiles you follow. Instagram only allows you to follow 7500 at a time.

If you notice that you are gaining thousands quite quickly, it’s a good idea to schedule an unfollow so that you don’t hit your limit too fast. You want an ideal followers-following ratio in order to maintain a good balance. Following far more people than you have followers could also look spammy.

Your bot won’t unfollow anyone you’ve followed organically on your own. Only those who have been followed through automation will be unfollowed, so you don’t have to worry about losing relationships you’ve established.

  1. Know Your Target Market

If you want to see the most growth in a relatively short amount of time, it’s crucial that you know your target market. Knowing your ideal customer will allow you to be sure you’re setting the right demographic criteria for your automation. You must understand the type of customer who is most likely to benefit from your product.

Things like their specific needs or problems, general age range, gender and geographic location matter. You can use these as criteria for your bot to follow, ensuring you don’t end up following users who would never be interested in your product or service, anyway. You want only quality targets who meet your demographic ideals.

  1. Be Aware of Popular Hashtags

Another aspect of knowing your target market is understanding the hashtags they use regularly. Some research into your competition and their followers is a good place to start when it comes to finding this information.

Having a list of hashtags that are relevant to your niche is recommended, as most bots can follow users by hashtag as well. This is a great way to growth hack a targeted following.

  1. Have Clear Marketing Goals

Perhaps most importantly when it comes to growing your Instagram following, no matter what method you use, is to know why it is you want followers in the first place. What are your social media marketing goals? What benefit will gaining more followers have for your business? Some companies are looking to gain social proof, so that they can demonstrate they are well-liked by the public and have a loyal audience.

That builds credibility. For others, it’s all about potential sales, which makes sense. The more followers who are intrigued by your posts, the more likely you’ll convert that interest to paid purchases. Perhaps you want to spread awareness of a topic or share your message. Knowing why it is you seek followers will also help you to set parameters that will attract people who can meet your goals.

These are some of the top suggestions for growth hacking your Instagram with a bot. With care and consistency, you can get a boost in growing your followers without raising suspicion or seeming spammy. Authentic presentation and engagement is the ultimate goal when it comes to successful social media marketing.

People can smell a fake. Using an automation service for Instagram doesn’t make you any less authentic. It only serves to supplement your own activities and allows you to grow your tribe while you spend more time creating content your new followers will love.



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