How to Ensure High Performance of Heavy Vehicles?

In today’s world, all sectors of our lives strive to optimize production processes. We want to get the maximum benefit with minimal investment. And the agricultural industry is no exception. To increase the efficiency of all stages of production and keep heavy vehicles in good shape for a longer time, advanced dedicated tools are used.

The concept of precision farming involves the use of various technologies, including satellite navigation systems, to reduce the level of labor and material costs and at the same time increase the quality and quantity of the product. At the same time, it is critically important to downsize potential damage and monitor the equipment performance closely. With this in mind, CAT 538-5051 becomes a cutting-edge technical aid.

There are many similar equipment solutions that serve that purpose. Let’s explore what modern technologies can do to boost your production rates and ensure damage-free agricultural machinery performance.

General Objectives Of Modern Agricultural Equipment

The computerized devices and technologies are used at various stages of production to ensure that engine issues are detected before serious damage occurs. What is more, there are some technological solutions whose main function is to ensure optimal equipment performance and increased production scalability.

1. Control of Agricultural Machinery and Process Effectiveness

Multiple GPS technologies are used for route optimization with sufficient accuracy to ensure:

  • reduction in fuel consumption;
  • reduced consumption of seeds, fertilizers, and chemicals;
  • precise control of watering and spraying;
  • the ability to work in conditions of poor visibility without loss of quality;
  • the exclusion of inefficient use of equipment.

2. Monitor and Analyze the Crop Area

For the successful preparation of tasks for soil cultivation, fertilizer, and harvesting, you must have a high-quality digital map of the area. This is why modern solutions have been developed; they allow you to create thematic maps for various characteristics: productivity, soil type, etc. Among the main functions of the solutions are:

  • creating a digital map of the area;
  • coordinating of soil analysis.

3. Minimize Potential Damage and Monitor the Performance

There are a lot of narrowly-specialized tools whose main function is to prevent/ decrease potential damage in agricultural machinery and monitor its performance closely. Be it a truck or excavator you work on, it is vital that you can detect engine issues before serious damage occurs. With a dedicated tool, you get access to a combination of parameters determining the work of a heavy vehicle, such as pressure, temperature, as well as the whole range of other indicators.

Here’s what you keep an eye on in case you have a caterpillar scan tool in place:

  1. Equipment performance data;
  2. Records of multiple parameters about the current status at once (e.g. speed and fuel consumption);
  3. Records of event codes assessing engine performance;
  4. The Engine Control Module configuration with data on adjustable user settings;
  5. Condition of components (e.g. electromechanical parts, electro-hydraulic components, etc.);
  6. Results of active and logged diagnostics;
  7. Any malfunction events detected by the Engine Control Module.

Apart from the above, there may be extra functions delivered by the service tool program for a certain engine and machine products. That’s why we strongly recommend that you check the tool operating manual.

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