How to Create a Blog with Shopify

Creating a blog with Shopify if you already have your online store will make a difference almost immediately. Eventige Shopify Design Services and experts of marketing professionals agree on one thing, you must find ways to stand out from the crowd and drive traffic and sales to your business. Blogs are one of the best marketing strategies for ecommerce, also known as the Inbound strategy.

Create a Blog with Shopify: The Basics

For most ecommerce blogs, Shopify’s capabilities will be more than enough to achieve what we want. Shopify covers the basics of a blog such as: Inserting images and videos, a nice visual editor, SEO assistant, ability to schedule future posts, comments and tags. It is not as powerful as dedicated blogging systems such as WordPress, but in some cases, it may not be necessary to complicate the work or use such complex functionalities.

Let’s say that Shopify is an advanced ecommerce system with a nice and sufficient blog system, and WordPress is an advanced blog system with the ability to mount a beautiful ecommerce.

Benefits of using your Shopify blog

Using your Shopify Blog Makes it Easy:

  •         Capture, maintain and entertain readers easily and quickly.
  •         Maintain a feeling of fluidity between your store and your blog, in addition to a single assembly with the theme; they are just different pages on the same site, with the same appearance.
  •         Manage and maintain the content with a single tool.

How to Activate your Shopify Blog

To create a blog with Shopify, go to the Shopify administration area and click on Online Store in the menu bar on the left. In the submenu, click on Blog Posts. On the right side click on the Create Blog Post button. Name your blog and then add it to the navigation menu of your site.

The design of your blog will depend on the design theme of your Shopify site or can be customized by editing the Liquid code directly.

Shopify Content Management Capabilities

A Blog has to do with the Substance: What subjects it covers, what its reader are keen on and to what degree its substance is shared. Like other blogging stages, Shopify gives usefulness to assist individuals with investigating and offer their substance. Shopify applications can likewise be coordinated with your blog to offer extra highlights.

Manage Comments

Shopify requests that you assign how remarks will be overseen in your blog entries:

  • Disable Comments section:This can make it hard to make a network and get input from reader and clients, yet downplays your time venture.
  • Comments with some Restraint: You have a great deal of command over what sort of remarks are shown on your site, yet this can be a tedious procedure, contingent upon what number of readers you have.
  • Automatically Posted Comments: This is acceptable with a working system and requires unimportant association time, anyway boorish comments can place your picture in harm’s way. Screen once in a while and you will have the choice to eradicate comments as significant.

Schedule a Publication Date

You can set a specific publication date for your blog in advance to plan specific promotions, campaigns or events. This also allows you to optimize your content work: schedule multiple publications at once and configure them to be published once a week, for example.

Show an Excerpt from a Blog Post

On the main page of your blog, you can submit an excerpt of a publication.To add an excerpt, enter one of your blog posts and, under the text box, click Add Excerpt.

Social Media Buttons

Many Shopify themes include social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms. If your theme does not include these buttons, they can be added using an application or code.If your theme does not have this feature, in the app store you can find many options (some free and some paid).

Increase the Reach of your SEO

You need Google to find easily, and that you like your posts to increase your audience and your sales. Shopify automatically offers the basic search engine optimization tricks. In addition to having a very interesting SEO assistant similar to the famous Yoast in WordPress.

Shopify vs. Blog Another Blogging Platform

On a chance can be that you are as of now utilizing WordPress (or another stage like Medium or Tumblr) for your blog, you can in any case incorporate it with your Shopify store. In any case, there are some significant contemplations you should know:

  •   SEO Impact:A blog on other platforms must be installed as a subdomain within Shopify; cannot be added as a subdirectory. (The blog URL will be, instead of There may be SEO implications in this difference.
  • Additional Exertion: The two stages (Shopify and the blog) should be overseen in discrete destinations and housing. Structure contrasts because of the above can cause your look and to feel look befuddling. All together for the interface to feel totally great, it must have a customized subject, wherein it would acquire an extra cost being developed and programming.
  • Difficulty Retaining Cart Information:When working on two platforms, it can be difficult to keep cart information. To solve this, some coding may be necessary.

If you have already created a blog on another platform, you can migrate the content of that platform to your Shopify blog. This will improve the conversions and SEO of your store by having the blog in the same domain. A great tool for this process is BlogFeeder, which makes it quick and easy to import existing blog posts into Shopify.


Now that you have a fleeting introduction to how to create a blog with Shopify, you can ask for help by contacting our experts “Eventige Media Group” Eventige Shopify Design Services provider, for personalized assistance.Maybe Shopify in some cases is not the most powerful option to create and maintain a blog, but if you already have a store with this incredible tool you will only get advantages of implementing your blog with it.



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