How to Celebrate Your Straight ‘A’ Student!

2020 has been a year unlike any other we’ve experienced. Early in the spring, a pandemic gripped the country, and nothing has been the same since. Many of the things we took for granted—like social gatherings, unrestricted airflow, and toilet paper—were all of a sudden at a premium.

High school and college students may have had to suffer the worst of social restrictions. They had to pause their studies, miss their friends, and skip milestones like prom and graduation. No reasonable person could fault a student’s educational pursuits being affected by the pandemic, but if the student in your life has found a way to stay the course and get straight A’s, then that’s a cause for celebration.

Even during this pandemic, there’s help for struggling students

COVID-19 has added to the academic challenges that students face. If your child is one of the many whose performances in school have suffered due to not being in a classroom setting, then there are measures you can take to help your child get their academics back on track.

Getting them an English, science, or math tutor online could help them to keep up with the pace of virtual learning and even excel in the classroom once school gets back to normal. HelloThinkster, an online math tutoring company, even offers a mobile tutoring app. Many students are falling behind due to the shift to online learning, but an online math tutor can be a great resource for topics like algebra, geometry, and even calculus. Having a math tutor to help your student stay on top of their math homework will ensure that they are in a great place when in-person school finally resumes.

Have an at-home gathering

If you’re trying to come up with ways to reward your kid for their academic success, then they’re probably used to getting good grades, even straight A’s. Even if you’ve never thrown them a party before for getting straight A’s, COVID-19 has made every achievement more special and worthy of acknowledgment.

You don’t have to throw the party to end all parties, but there’s nothing wrong with going a little over the top to show your pride in your student every now and then. Allow your child to invite some of their closest friends over for a small gathering at home or even a socially distanced night on the town. Outdoor activities may be a good choice if you have a backyard, too.

If you do decide to hold a get-together at your house, then it’s critical for you to do everything in your power to prevent the gathering from being a COVID spreading event. Host the gathering outside, and arrange seating to allow for social distancing. Provide hand sanitizer and masks, and encourage social distancing. You want your child and his guests to enjoy themselves, but safety must remain your top priority.

There are plenty of things you can do right in your backyard and have a blast. If you have a projector, then you can show a movie, spark a bonfire, and make s’mores. You’re never too grown or cool for a nice bonfire and toasting s’mores.

Go enjoy the great outdoors

One of the silver linings of social distancing is that it’s a great time to enjoy the great outdoors. There are plenty of vacation ideas for people who love the outdoors that are COVID safe. With the lowered travel and lodging costs, now is an excellent time to go hiking and skiing in Colorado or go camping at Zion National Park and see the red rock formations. Your straight-A student won’t forget that outdoor adventure in a hurry.

Even if you don’t feel like making travel plans, you can go camping at a nature reserve closer to home. The point is, if your straight-A student loves the great outdoors, then a weekend in the wilderness is the perfect reward for their excellence as well as a great respite from cabin fever.

Give them money

Do you know what reward everyone loves? Cash! If your student has managed to get straight A’s in the difficult educational atmosphere that the pandemic has created, then reward them with a cash bonus for their efforts. It can be hard to think of the best way to gift or reward an adolescent because their interests seem to change with the weather, but money never goes out of vogue.

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