All You Need to Know About Probate Estate

Dealing with complex legal matters is the most difficult thing to do after losing your loved one. Nobody wants to get involved in such complicated processes during the time of grief. Having an understanding of the process can lessen your worries.

Following are the answers to some questions that people often ask about probate.

What is probate? How it’s done?

Probate is a legal process of dealing with the person’s estate after he dies. It is a process of authentication of the will, which the deceased has made, under the supervision of the court. It includes;

  • Proving that will which the deceased person has left is valid.
  • Appointment of the executor
  • Locating and taking possession of decedent’s assets
  • Identification of the creditors
  • Notify the beneficiaries and creditors
  • Paying debts and taxes 
  • Distribution of the assets that the deceased has left.

What if a person dies without a will?

The person who dies without a will is known as an ‘intestate person’. An intestate estate is the one where the deceased has not left a will, the will is invalid or it is not accepted by the probate court due to an error in the document. 

In case of the absence of a will, the relatives will have to apply for a grant of letters of application. The property will be divided among the heirs according to state law. The intestacy law of any state varies depending on the status of the deceased whether he was single, married, or had children. Moreover, in case of no relatives, the entire estate goes to the state. 

How to get the work done with less effort?

The whole process of probate is very complicated and time-consuming. You might not handle the whole process properly. Everybody deserves the time to get healed after the loss of a loved one. If you want to get your work done effortlessly, you will need the proper guidance and assistance of a professional probate attorney from probatecollincounty.

There are many benefits of working with a probate attorney and you must consider these advantages before navigating the probate process.

  1. The whole process can be done under the guidance of experienced specialists. The solicitors are aware of the probate court rules, procedures, and all the complications. They are highly efficient and abide by the strict codes of professionalism.
  2. Getting involved in probate work can keep you away from your family and loved ones. You might not be able to connect with your family in a hard time because of the endless requirements from the court. A probate attorney can take all these responsibilities.
  3. Hiring a probate attorney can get the whole process done promptly.
  4. Wills can also cause conflicts in your family. A solicitor can reduce the tensions and facilitate an easier probate process.
  5. You will not have to pay upfront fees. The probate fee is approved by the court. And you can pay the attorney eventually out of the proceeds of court. In this way, you would not have to get worried about retainer and other legal expenditures.


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