How does a Devops engineer find the best dream job?

Does this dream job, about which so much is said and written, even exist? We are sure yes. Just not everyone wants and knows how to look for it. We want to help in this and tell you how among the thousands of DevOps engineer jobs find the one that will become your dream job.

Answer these questions before looking for a dream job

Yes exactly. You are used to receiving technical tasks to complete a project or solve a problem, so why is it necessary to act blindly in such an essential step as finding the perfect job for a DevOps engineer? This task is more like a questionnaire, but each item should be worked out very carefully.

How do I see myself in a year?

A year is quite an acceptable period to achieve specific results in a new job. Of course, you won’t become superior in this period, but you can achieve a lot in 12 months.

For example, you want to receive interesting tasks in a year and to be trusted with responsible projects. Read the job description, if the company does not expect the emergence of interesting tasks in principle, then move on to the next one.

With what thoughts do I want to wake up in the morning?

Does the question seem silly and unworthy of attention? Then think about the following. In fact, our thoughts in the morning shape our day. For example, you dream of an interesting job with complex tasks. Now imagine that every morning you wake up and realize that you need to go to work and solve a difficult problem. Ready for this? Look for large companies with a staff of programmers, testers, and other IT specialists, development companies, and agencies. If not, choose smaller and quieter companies.

How much do I want to receive?

It is not in vain that we did not raise this question as one of the first. Practice shows that those who are looking for a dream job solely by salary are rarely happy in their new place. But the monetary reward is not the last criterion in the search. If you can’t aim at high wages yet, look for a company where career growth is possible.

What’s my biggest motivation?

Someone calculates their recognition in terms of money, someone strives to become an authoritative specialist out of pride, and someone aims at ratings and mentions in specialized media. Depending on what you want, you need to choose an employer. Large development companies encourage their employees and give them bonuses, but freelancing can also become an option for you.

Am I ready to move?

An important point, since in a small city there may simply be not enough companies with suitable positions. If you don’t want to move, look for DevOps developer freelance jobs, or remote DevOps jobs. This will allow you to realize all your dreams right from home or the nearest coworking space.

After answering all the questions honestly, you can start looking for a job.

Where to look for a job as a DevOps engineer?

The answer is simple. In the same place as for any other IT specialist:

  • Profile sites and services for posting vacancies from employers and resumes of applicants.
  • IT recruitment agencies.
  • At your top preferred companies.
  • Via agencies and development companies. Write to them directly, and send a resume. Even if now they have nothing to offer you, as soon as a suitable position appears, they will remember you.
  • On social networks. Subscribe to all profile groups and pages.
  • Among colleagues. For this, you need to become an active member of the professional community, and colleagues will tell you as soon as an interesting offer appears somewhere.

Finding your dream job is much easier if you have an idea of what it is. That is why you first need to answer honestly to yourself all the questions, and only then start searching.


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