Here’s How and Why You Should Start an Eye-wear Blog in 2020!

You’ve just come home from your 9-5 job, and you’re find yourself so exhausted you can’t even give your partner a quick smile before you collapse into a heap on the bed. 

But hey! Here’s another option for you. You’ve realised you’re actually pretty decent writer, and you decide you’ll start an eye-wear business/glasses online selling related blog! 

Why should you quit your job and start being your own boss? Because it’s a brand new year, and freelancing smells like Freedom! Put your mental health first and do what gives you comfort AND a pay-cheque

Now you’re asking yourself – how on earth do I make it happen?

No worries, we have a guide ready, just for you: 

Figure Out Your Target Readers

Before you put out even a single post, you should know your targeted readers. Know who wants what, and what to focus on in your post. What sort of glasses are you talking about, and most importantly, who are they for?

Figure out the age-demographic – young or old? 

Figure out the gender- demographic – men, women or androgynous? Once you know who you’re writing for, things become a lot simpler. 

Narrow Your Topic

It’s vital for you to know that you can’t run a blog without a considerable amount of competition. Blogging is easier than ever before, so you’ll deal with several blogs that are similar to yours. 

The key here is to narrow your topic. Decide on the kind of eye-wear you want your blog to be about. Decide on whether its glasses, vintage monocles, contact lenses or designer glasses you want to review and talk about. 

Learn the Art of Self-Promotion

With great writing, comes the need for great self-promotion. Share you blog on social media sites, or better yet, buy ads on these sites and boost your web traffic. Let your friends and family know, and ask them to tell their friends and family. Spread the word of your incredible writing.

Another Art to Learn – Taking and Editing Good Quality Pictures

When you share your content on social media, it has to be a god-damn eye-catcher! You need great pictures to convince people to click on the link you’ve just shared. You increase the likelihood of your content being read by at least 5% when you use high-definition pictures. 

Now remember, stock photos are NOT an option. If you want to preserve your integrity you have to put in some work and take actually good pictures.

Get an Email List 

Build an email list to ensure a good following. You have to make sure it’s easy for readers to subscribe to your email list, so you can send them links to your latest eyewear posts. 


There is more planning necessary before you sit down to write your post. Using SEO keywords is a must if you want to boost your posts’ visibility. Hint: think of what people will type into Google when they’re looking for content like yours. 

What have you learned?

Being a successful blogger takes grind. Put in that work and someday you’ll get to a point where you can sit back and look over your accomplishments!

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