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MSNBC’s Hayes: “Lucky That Attackers Used Explosives Instead of Guns”


by Josh Guckert

On Monday, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tweeted about the recent NYC bombings. Said Hayes:

After being attacked with a barrage of memes and other angry reactions, Hayes soon bragged of resisting argument:

Eventually, he gave in and responded to the criticisms of his previous tweet, insisting that it was only a commentary on the lack of lives lost, rather than on the weapons of choice:

Just as easily as the explosives were discovered, thus preventing death, if the attacker had had a gun, he could have been disarmed or apprehended by a law-abiding armed citizen. Simply because the explosive was not as deadly as originally planned, this does not mean that it is at all preferable to a firearm attack.

This MSNBC commentator seems to only be the latest progressive to have a strange infatuation with the suppression of guns. While it is difficult to know what he originally meant or intended, his tweet is strange to say the least. Why not simply say he was glad that no one died?

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