Harnessing Technology to Promote Responsible Gaming

Gaming is supposed to be a fun endeavor. A relaxing activity designed to boost your mood and entertain your brain is not supposed to be potential harm for you, right? In theory that sounds very nice, but the reality is often different.

The possibility of crossing lines exists in all industries, but gaming is a very delicate field. That is why responsible gaming has become one of the most important notions in the entire gaming industry. Responsible gaming is a concept that proposes safety measures for both the players and gaming service providers. These safety measures serve to promote fair playing conditions and prevent the detrimental effects of gaming and gambling on the players.

The concept has reached the center of attention in the past few years thanks to numerous projects and initiatives. However, there is always room for improvement. And that includes technology.

How the UK Realized the Potential Threats

Progress is evident in nearly all corners of the industry. In fact, the UK is one of the key countries where the issue of responsible gaming is tackled.

The GambleAware association has been closely working with a host of organizations and operators on numerous anti-risk projects. The latest project is research conducted in collaboration with the University of Bristol’s Personal Finance Research Centre.

The goal of the research is to examine how financial organizations can help lessen the risks and eliminate problem gambling. This research program is supposed to last three years. During that time, they will study people affected by gambling, those working in the gambling and financial industries, as well as treatment and support organizations.

That way, they will try to cover the financial aspect of irresponsible gaming and help to boost of responsibility of players. The reason why they started the study is that UK banks introduced “gambling blocks”. These blocks halt excessive spending on bank cards virtually and in-person. The potency and performance of the blocks will be the focus of the study in the first 6 months.

Cure Instead of Poison

This research is merely one in the vast sea of on-going anti-harm projects. Of course, there is always room for improvement. As it was seen in new regulations and rules issued by major authority bodies, change is inevitable.

What these projects do is raise awareness. Right now, that is what the gaming community needs the most – attention of major companies and brands that can contribute to the cause. However, the technology (and its latest innovations) have been taken as the starting point for the entire issue. That is highly unlikely. Instead, technology can be used as a means of achieving the goal. To put it simply, technology can help rather than cause harm.

One amazing thing about the technological advancements is that they can be put to great use in this question as well. Technology represents an important part of our daily routines, hence combining tech innovations and existing forms of responsible gaming promotion could lead to a breakthrough. The main goal is to advise and guide the players to venues that promote safety and protection.

Another way is to augment the offer of trustworthy real money casino sites where they can inquire about reliable venues and obtain financial advice. Those sites are also great places to learn about instructional techniques for preventing harm.

A Joint Venture

Raising awareness on such an important subject should be a collaboration of retailers, providers, operators, and affiliates. The first step is already taken – the implementation of updated regulations has been finalized in all countries where online gaming is regulated. A plethora of providers has already changed their guidelines according to the new regulations. For example, one of the industry’s leading game manufacturers Playtech uses BetBuddy to promote responsible gambling. Described as “industry-leading responsible gaming technology”, BetBuddy is an AI analytics platform designed to help operators and players alike.

Playtech is not the only software developing giant who realized the importance of technology for responsible gaming. Another top-tier game provider NetEntertainment collaborates with ATFs (Accredited Test Facilities) to deliver content which promotes safety, fairness, and security of the gamers.

Taking everything into consideration, it’s clear that we will see more leading-edge measures and solutions in the future. What is important to remember is that through collaboration, better results are achieved. And that includes everyone involved in the business.




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