What Happens When A Blonde Woman Walks Through Cairo University? (VIDEO)

The Blaze is reporting on a video that shows a blonde woman being harassed as she innocently walks without a hijab through Cairo University. You can hear people whistling at her and there were reports that men tried to rip her clothes off.

From The Blaze: 

Gaber Nassar, the dean of Cairo University, told Egyptian channel ONTV that the woman’s clothes helped cause the incident, sparking additional outrage.

“This girl entered the university wearing an abaya (loose cloak) and then took it off in the faculty, and appeared with those clothes, that caused, in reality… the incident,” he is quoted as saying. “The student’s mistake does not justify what the (other) students did.”

Nassar later took to Twitter to defend himself from intense criticism, saying he was misunderstood and vowing to make sure the students responsible for harassing the woman are “severely punished.”


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