GOP Report Card 2016: Which Candidates Are The Most Friendly To Liberty?

7. Mike Huckabee: C-

Economic Liberty: B

Personal Liberty: D

Foreign Policy: C-

Honesty: D

Huckabee is in favor of ending the IRS and replacing it with the FairTax, but as Governor of Arkansas, he created several new taxes, resulting in a net increase during his tenure. In 2008, he spoke in favor of mandating one year of civilian military service and said he would be willing to ban smoking in all public places nationwide.

Huckabee supports an overwhelming infusion of “morality” into governance as, among other stances which reflect as much, he signed a same-sex marriage ban as governor. Huckabee also has an apparent hatred for libertarianism within the GOP, saying that such principles do not reflect “an American message.”

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