GOP Report Card 2016: Which Candidates Are The Most Friendly To Liberty?

10. Rick Santorum: F

Economic Liberty: D

Personal Liberty: F

Foreign Policy: F

Honesty: D

Rick Santorum finishes at the bottom of the class, as he is the quintessential Bush-era Republican: he supports intrusive social conservatism, endless foreign entanglements and big government meddling in the economy. He supports increasing penalties for drug offenses and has been one of the most ardent supporters of an invasion of Iran.

As a Senator, he also supported a bailout of the steel industry in an act of protectionism. He voted in favor of the No Child Left Behind Act, saying that while he opposed the legislation, he voted for it because he had to “take one for the (GOP) team.” During his unsuccessful Senate re-election campaign in 2006, Santorum said that the public has no right to know about NSA spying, and that it is not an invasion of privacy.

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