Free Revs Check: How to check the car history report?

Many people are searching for free revs check to get a used car history report. Getting a car history report before buying a used car is very important, especially if you live in Australia. By knowing the car status and condition, you can use the information so you can decide if you have to buy the car or find other cars. Speaking of a car history report, how to get free revs check? Let us explain everything about free revs check and what you will get from it.

Free revs check is no longer available

Unfortunately, if you look for free revs check today, you will be directed to a paid PPSR check. A free revs check was available before the PPSR. Today, the free revs check is replaced with the PPSR check that basically has the same function. But, the PPSR check is no free of charge, so you must pay it to get the car history report. Also, the PPSR check gives more complete information about the car condition and history.

PPSR check is quite affordable

Though free revs check is not available anymore, the PPSR check is still affordable and it provides more detailed information. As usual, when you want to check the car history report, you can use the VIN and REGO numbers. How much does it cost? Let us say that you want to check the car history report using the VIN. So, you have to pay it for $5.90 by VIN. Meanwhile, if you check the car history report using REGO, you need to pay it for only $9.90. You will get the report after you confirm the payment. It is very fast because it uses an online database of the PPSR. It also uses the official PPSR data from the government.

Some crucial information to understand

When you conduct a PPSR check, it means that you need some important information about the car. What will you get from this PPSR check? Well, there are a few points that you will know including the finance status, stolen status, written off status, REGO check, vehicle details, and the PPSR certificate. The vehicle details include the model, make, year, and more details about the car. The registration details show the state registered, number plate, and the rego expiration date. The finance status shows the money owing to the car. Stolen status shows whether the car was stolen or not. The written-off check shows the condition of the car whether it experienced a crash, inspection, flood damage, and much more.

In summary, you cannot get a free revs check, but you can get paid PPSR check to get crucial information about a used car status. This is very important for anybody who wants to buy a sued car in Australia. Once you check the PPSR, you will know if the car has experienced a collision, crash, etc. Also, you know if the car belongs to a stolen car or not. All in all, the information provided will be very useful for you.

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