Four Reasons Why Modern Girls Are So Selective

You must have already noticed – girls nowadays are becoming choosier in picking a boyfriend\husband. Why does it happen? What is so important about this era of social development? We claim that modern girls are fastidious because they can be so. Another question is – why do they can afford such behavior? came up with four reasons why girls have become more choosy than ever.

  1. A social image of a women has changed in the current epoch. In the Western world, the 20th century has become an era of social revolution. Starting with First and Second World Wars and proceeding to the sexual revolution of the 60s that had changed traditional codes related to the female behavior and interpersonal relationships. In the end, it helped girls find their confidence and start valuing themselves highly. However, some of the modern girls overestimate their importance. There is a delicate edge between superiority and confidence, and not every woman understands that.
  2. Parents are no longer in charge of selecting a husband. Social revolutions went throughout the Europe and the USA in the 19th century and up to first decades of the 20th Aside from claiming women’s rights to vote and work, it also liberated the process of marriage. A girl is no longer obliged to obey parental decisions and can freely choose her future husband. In fact, it also gave them a possibility to choose literally anyone for starting a family, which made them somehow choosy.
  3. Women are more educated. Until the end of 19th century, girls have only had a few opportunities to get educated. Moreover, the list of compulsory subjects for girls was rather short. They could learn music, literature, geography, arithmetic, etiquette, and a mastery of a small talk. Yes, there are some exceptions. We can mention several female writers and scientists, but men have always had a leading position in these spheres – until now. The contemporary girls can get a wide-ranged education and, therefore, get any job they want.
  4. Women are breadwinners. Previous centuries and millenniums were proving that a woman is a submissive creature and can only be a delight for men’s’ eyes and a bearer of children. The modern era has put female rights at an unbelievably high position. They can claim for any position in any sphere. However, the point is – they can provide themselves. Furthermore, women’s life is no longer at the mercy of men’s provision. Women often have successful careers and earn much more money than men earn. Yeah, the world has changed drastically and girls are now in charge! Just look at pop-music charts.

As a conclusion, we would like to admit that women’s rights are an important issue in the modern world. However, the elusive equality that everyone pledges for is a mistake itself. Genders are different, and their differences are the thing that makes them beautiful. Do not judge the girls for being fastidious. You should better try to understand why they act this way.

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