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WKYC of North Ridgeville, Ohio follows up on the story where a humane society officer executed several feral kittens in front of a group of children. The kittens were feral and the officer had been called to take the cats away for fear of a flea infestation. The police department is defending the shooting as a humane method of euthanasia, however they are refusing to address the proximity where the officer decided to kill the cats. Citizens have been outraged about the story and a national debate has emerged about the rights of animals and their treatment.

  • Seriously? What kind of sorry excuse of a human being shoots kittens? I guess they’re hiring sociopaths to be police officers these days? This is beyond shocking. Every day it seems we hear a new development in how much our country’s deteriorating but shooting kittens? Oh, let me guess, they thought the kittens were terrorists? Or Occupy protesters?

    • Joe Clam

      “THESE DAYS”?? Hiring sociopaths as cops has been SOP since the 80s when the drug war kicked into high gear during the Nancy Reagan administration. they’re just now hitting critical mass, to where the odds of getting a sociopath answering a 911 call overwhelm the odds of getting a decent person.

      • I think it started at the end of 60s/early 70s as a backlash against the civil rights movement. Look up Frank Serpico. Gotta stop the people from rebellion, ya’ know & people were pretty rebellious & political back in the 60s. But I think now police brutality’s gotten much, much worse due to the Patriot Act.

        And it looks like they might blame this one humane officer but, apparently, it’s their policy in general to do this. And the woman seemed to know they were going to kill the cats. She was just mad that they shot them near her kids. (Didn’t seem that she minded that the kittens were shot, just that they were shot so close to her house…) That’s a little odd too.

        • Joe Clam

          You’re right the 60s were a notable, modern-era turning point for police brutality — The Chicago Dem convention probably being the most notorious example of it. Truth is it’s always been the underlying dynamic of rule by force, right back to the inception of the country. It’s pretty much a straight line from The Shays rebellion then to storming Zuccotti park now. Government exists at the point of a gun, and the police are the ones who can openly carry them.

          And people drawn to a life’s work of ruling by force will often be the kinds of people who have no qualms blowing up kittens with guns, even in front of children. Don’t know about the mother but if she didn’t care the kittens were being dispatched like that then yeah, she’s just as bad.

          • Yes, it’s easy to forget the Shay’s rebellion. I think the secret is to always have oversight and accountability over those in power. Power corrupts.

  • Oh, excuse me. This was a “humane” officer. That makes it even worse.