Facebook Kidnappers Indicted; Lawyers Claim Case “Sensationalized”


by Micah J. Fleck

Shortly after the judge in the Facebook kidnapping case indicted the accused teens implicated in the charges, their lawyers made a plea for compassion on behalf of the kids (who kidnapped and tortured a disabled man for being white and live streamed the events on Facebook), who apparently have been receiving threats since committing their crimes.

As a new report states:

Moments after Cook County prosecutors announced indictments against four people on charges of attacking a teen with mental disabilities live on Facebook video, the county’s public defender blasted “sensationalized” media coverage that she said has led to death threats against the defendants as well as their lawyers.

In an extraordinary move, Judge Peggy Chiampas barred courtroom sketch artists from drawing the faces not only of defendants Jordan Hill, Tesfaye Cooper and sisters Tanishia and Brittany Covington but also their attorneys, citing safety and security risks. A day earlier, the judge had rejected allowing cameras to record the hearing.

Public Defender Amy Campanelli said outside court that “it is sad and unfortunate” that the case has provoked widespread comment from people who didn’t know “all the facts.”


Right. It was the media coverage that made America hate these kids; not themselves when they live streamed their own crime.


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