Dumbest Things You Can Be Smart About

Hence, despite the fact that cars are being built to be safer with the recent advances in technology, some dumb drivers still keep doing some stupid stuff that distracts them and could endanger their lives. This issue of distracted drivers is something we should all be bothered about as the effects of bad driving goes way beyond affecting innocent motorists and passengers. It also causes a rise in car insurance rates which isn’t fair to all of the cautious and reliable motorists out there.

Over the years, there have been several laws passed to combat this issue of reckless driving but it does not look like this war is going to end anytime soon with the spate of technology and the addicts who utilize our roads. Let’s take a look at some of the 4 dumbest things people do while driving. With direct prices, regular consumers with an average or better DMV record can save about $550 annually. Get buy now pay later car insurance and see how easy it is to lower your premiums.

  1. Eating and Drinking While Driving

You deserve applause if you have never been guilty of this. So many times, we have been left with no sensible time to make or even sit for breakfast at all, and so you fix a toast or grab a vacuum -insulated tumbler and off you go. It is not a crime to eat or drink, and it is not an offense to have something in your mouth while you are driving, but to get comfy and eat or drink behind the wheels like you are at your dining table is very dangerous. This scary habit takes their focus off what’s happening on the road, and anything can happen in splits of seconds leading to accidents. It pays to give your full attention to the road. If you will drive, don’t eat and if you will eat, don’t drive.

  1. Driving While Drunk

It is very embarrassing to decide to drive while drunk as that is one of the leading causes of death across the globe annually. The annoying part of this selfish act is the number of innocent lives that are usually associated with it. If you can get a drink and will be drinking more than your regular, get a driver too. Whatever you do, please just don’t drive inebriated. Moreover, if you have to drive, don’t touch the bottle. It is a matter of consideration, though, why kill other people because you are trying to die? You can make a better choice and save your life and the lives of other innocent people.

  1. Personal Grooming

Every female can relate to this and of course some dudes too. The mirrors in your car are there for a reason. For example, you use your side mirror to look out for cars behind you that might overtake or not and use your rear-view mirror to monitor vehicles behind you and the likes. It is not smart to use these mirrors to powder your face or knot your tie while driving. Going about your personal grooming while driving, no matter how slow your speed is a risk that shouldn’t be taken as it can lead to fatal accidents and loss of lives.

  1. Reading and Texting Behind the Wheel

This trend is common among the younger generation. I love to read, and texting is another hobby I indulge in but reading or texting while driving is one habit I still cannot understand. They are two activities that require attention unless you are fooling yourself, which makes you a fool. Reading stuff, especially newspapers as well as texting and looking up once in a while in an attempt to drive at the same time is not just sensible. It is a case of being present yet absent-minded and can lead to fatal accidents at any speed.

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Why don’t you just read what you are supposed to read and prepare for that presentation before leaving home rather than behind the wheels? If you also have to text, park well to do it. If you have to drive, just keep your hands off that book/phone. It just might be the last thing you will do with those hands if care is not taken!

Now that you have checked out the 4 dumbest things people do while driving, here is a tip to help you get lower insurance premiums. Just take a few minutes and get quoted with good to go insurance.


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