Domain Names: Steps To Securing Your Perfect Address

So, you’re starting an online business, that’s awesome! After all, the world is online and most shopping is conducted through online stores. It’s an incredibly exciting time but also one that you now know is also quite stressful. This is because there is a lot to do when starting an online business!

You have to research your target audience, develop your branding, consult with web developers and the list goes on. One of the most imperative building blocks (of which there are many, ah!) is choosing your domain name. This is, of course, the link that customers will type into the search bar to reach your homepage.

You want the perfect web address that not only entices customers but also sits well with search engines like Google. For the uninitiated it might be simple, but it can actually be a complex process, especially if your desired web address is already taken.

With this in mind, we are going to talk you through the steps to creating and securing the best domain name Australia has:

  • Brainstorm

First thing’s first: brainstorming ideas! You already have your business name and now it’s time to synthesise that into your web address. For example, you run an online coffee distribution store called Cafe Mineiro. You will want to brainstorm a range of ideas that will direct customers to your site i.e. or (that’s right – there is even a .coffee extension now!).

You want to choose a sleek and stylish domain name so customers feel enticed to visit your website. What’s more, you want your web address to reflect your brand so as not to confuse customers. When customers visit a web address with a nonsensical extension they often become confused and quickly leave the website, so be sure to choose one that is relevant whilst remaining nice and stylish.

Finally, always choose an extension that search engines like Google can easily index. When they see that you have the .coffee extension in your title with coffee-related content on the actual website they will likely rank you higher for relevance.

  • Consult the registrar

Now that you’ve decided on your brand’s perfect web address it is time to consult the registrar to ensure that it’s not already taken. All you have to do is enter a registrar and type your desired web address. It will tell you if your extension is available and, if not, it will provide you with a list of viable alternatives.

This being said, you might still be able to buy your desired extension from whoever currently holds it. Some businesses and individuals invest in purchasing domain names in the hope that business owners will buy them and this may be a way of securing your perfect extension.

Note: If you do choose to purchase a pre-existing web address then you should research its history. It may have a negative history and this is something you don’t want your new brand associated with!

  • Register your web address

Now that you have created or found the perfect extension it is time to register it with an online registrar or web hosting service. It’s important to note that you “buying” doesn’t really mean buying the web address and owning it forever. It typically means reserving the rights to it for at least a year and up to 10 years. Once you have completed this process your domain name will now be part of a service that provides a range of features to optimise your online business operation!

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