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Dr. Benjamin Carson

Dr. Benjamin Carson

Free market champion and modern day abolitionist Deneen Borelli has a new column out discussing the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, comparing him to Dr. Ben Carson the neurosurgeon whose verbal takedown of President Obama has been viewed over two million times online. In her article she writes about Carson: “His amazing success story is sorely needed in the black community to challenge the black liberal establishment’s messages of victimization, race-card politics and wealth redistribution.” She takes a direct stab at the race hustlers whose legacy in advancing civil rights fell far short of Dr. King’s. She goes on to say, “Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are masters at misleading their constituents. Making matters worse, they are not held accountable for their actions. They maintain their power and are financially rewarded by playing the race card and advancing big-government policies, as well as by promoting the false notion that blacks are victims in need of special treatment.”

Although for many years the Democrats had become known as the party of civil liberties, that has shifted recently. In recent years the left has embraced a program of making excuses for their President’s authoritarian policies, his cruel waging of a federal war on drugs and his willingness to force objecting citizens of faith to fund the private health decisions of others. Nowadays you are more likely to find civil libertarian rhetoric at conservative and libertarian gatherings than at a Democrat rally. A perfect example of just how unprincipled the left is can be summed up by a recent poll that revealed that liberals are more likely to feel comfortable with targeted killings once they become aware it is Obama’s policy. The commissioner of the poll, Michael Tesler found that the way voters feel about race makes them more or less likely to support the policies of our current President. This is truly a departure from Martin Luther King’s dream that one day his children would be judge not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Borelli’s campaign to enfranchise the minority community in America has been bolstered by the efforts of other modern heroes of the right Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and Reverend C.L. Bryant, whose film Runaway Slave depicts big government with it’s nanny-state dependency model as “the new plantation”. Now that the GOP appears to be conceding to the fact that they are failing to win the minority vote, strong independent women such as Borelli are likely to have a big impact in shaping the future of the liberty movement.

SEIU ThugsThere is much danger in speaking out as a conservative or libertarian minority today. (A recent podcast with Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew details the extent of the hatred and intimidation that leftists stoop to so they can silence opinions they don’t agree with.) The left has demonstrated that they care nothing about the race or gender of a person if it is someone who holds free market or conservative political views. For example, the first black Senator from South Carolina Tim Scott was immediately demonized by Democrats hours before he was sworn in when the NAACP issued a statement claiming he didn’t believe in civil rights. Scott responded, “…some folks really want to find a way to make race more of a part of their conversation going forward, and I think that it’s time for us to continue to move forward as a nation. Economic freedom is a real opportunity in this nation for a lot of folks. The way we get there is by making sure that family incomes go up while government spending goes down.” The interview with Senator Scott reveals that one of the reasons he is not considered a leader on civil rights is because of his stance against the Environmental Protecton Agency. What on earth does that have to do with civil rights? This is yet another example of how Democrats are less interested in helping the plight of the poor than they are in engaging in Solyndra-style corporatism and wealth distribution disguised as a green agenda.

Borelli’s article on the future of black America is linked here.

Do you agree that the future of civil rights and black America lies with a reinvigoration of limited government ideas?

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