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By Aidan Mattis

“Ideology over Common Sense” were the words uttered by the Democratic Senator Marie Hirono from Hawaii when explaining why she didn’t want Judge Neil Gorsuch nominated to the nation’s highest court.

The Democratic onslaught began Monday afternoon, levying charge after charge against the decorated judge. Each and every charge came riding on a wave of emotion, without any regard to the written law. Democrats directly questioned not only Gorsuch’s character, but accused him of being a corporate shill, on the grounds that Gorsuch’s decisions occasionally benefited industry over individual. Unreferenced were the actual written laws, the constitutional doctrine, or the duties of a judge. The Senator from Hawaii insisted that Gorsuch was unfit for the appointment because his decisions, in essence, made her sad occasionally.

The  line of accusations, tirades, and temper tantrums by the leftist from the Island State, is the defining flaw in the character of the Democratic Party. Not only did the Senator fail to recognize that Gorsuch’s job has never been to legislate, never to empathize, but simply to interpret the Constitution, but she failed to speak with any degree of respect or decorum. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA), however, gave a ray of hope to the meeting.

“I’ve read about twenty of your opinions…and I really like what I see.” The Senator continued, “Whether you agree with him or not, Judge Gorsuch is direct, clean…he shows concern for the parties.”

“He genuinely understands and values the role of the judiciary as a check on the legislative and executive powers…I’m looking for a judge, not an ideologue,” Kennedy said in praise.

Sen. Kennedy gets it. The job of a Supreme Court justice is not to have opinions. It is not to change the law, not to make promises, not to represent a constituency, not to represent the nation in foreign affairs; it is the job of a justice to interpret the Constitution. Neil Gorsuch has proven time and time again that this is exactly what he means to do with his seat on a court. His heart is that of a man who intends to be utterly impartial, who means to consider not only the Constitution, but the writings of the men who drafted it.

The Democrats do not want him, not because he is a bad candidate, not because he would be their sworn enemy, but because he is honest. He is intelligent, he is loyal, he is patriotic, and he is a constitutionalist to the core. Justice Gorsuch will be a force for the constitutional freedoms that the leftists have been attacking for so long. With him on the court, the assaults on freedom of speech, of expression, of religion, will face an opponent so well read, so knowledgable, and honestly quite good looking and charismatic, that they will falter and die before him. The Democrats want a court that will stand by and let the legislative abuse their power, abuse the people, and cater to party line needs. Gorsuch is a paragon of originalism, and that is the best possible defense against a large, oppressive government.

In the interest of fairness, several Democratic senators did give glimmering reviews of Gorsuch, fulling supporting him and acknowledging his non-partisan past. Among them was the Democratic Senator from Colorado Michael Bennet, who strongly voiced his support for Gorsuch as a man who firmly believes in the rule of law.

Justice Gorsuch is one in a million, and perfectly and wholly represents the motto of this nation. E pluribus, unum.

EDITOR’s NOTE: The views expressed are those of the author, they are not representative of The Libertarian Republic or its sponsors.