DEEP, DIVERSIFIED RESOURCES: Capital-Rich is Ready to Strike!

I want to close the chapter on this once and for all!

If you look at how has called this whole situation, it’s hard to believe!

The way they saw it and they’ve looked at over 300 years of economic data, there are zero examples, literally NO INSTANCES, where the FED’s or another central bank, were able to drop inflation down to 2% from 8% in less than 7 years!

That’s why I read their EXCLUSIVE REPORT on this subject, as soon as it came out and I’m glad I did!

According to them, the markets are totally held captive by the notion that the FED will continue to make a policy error and hike interest rates, which, as you can see, apart from making it IMPOSSIBLE to buy a home and EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to run a business, it hasn’t done A THING to lower inflation or to balance out the jobs market.

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While the Federal Reserve has implemented one of the most aggressive rate hike cycles in its 109-year history, nothing has been working, except a MARKET CRASH!

Headline CPI rose 0.4% MoM (which was far higher than the +0.2% forecast) and up 8.2% YoY (hotter than the +8.1%, which was the narrative):

Courtesy:, Bloomberg

Powell cannot get inflation at bay and, if you think about it, he has made the lives of retirees miserable and of young Millennials and hasn’t made an inch of progress with his main mission!

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Therefore, the markets expect more rate hikes than ever before! There are even talks about raising the FED Funds Rate by 100bps in November, but it’s clear that without support from the government, which must understand that its lack of initiative is also a big reason for this, we are heading into years of inflation, as I’ve said repeatedly.

Courtesy:, Bloomberg

To put it simply, GoldMining Inc. (TSX: GOLD, NYSE AMERICAN: GLDG) has anything and everything a gold bull market investor could ask for. All of the company’s projects are located in the Americas in safe jurisdictions, and they’re all based on gold and gold-copper. GoldMining Inc. provides exposure to other minerals as well.

While GoldMining Inc. has significant copper, silver, and uranium project targets, the majority of the company’s interests are in gold, plain and simple. Since 80% of GoldMining Inc.’s value is in gold mining, it’s a reliable proxy for the spot gold price’s movements but with some leverage for extra potential returns during a rally in precious metals.

GoldMining Inc.’s potent combination of an exceptional balance sheet, a dedicated and experienced management team, and an Americas-focused resource portfolio makes the company a top pick among sophisticated investors.

Besides, if you’re in the market for a mineral market mover with deep gold resources, you’d be hard-pressed to find an Americas-focused miner that beats GoldMining Inc. Believe it or not, the company controls over 16 million measured and indicated gold equivalent ounces plus a further 16 million gold equivalent ounces in the inferred category.

Naturally, GoldMining Inc. wouldn’t be well-positioned to leverage its diversified asset base unless the company was well-capitalized. The data shows that GoldMining Inc. checks this box since the company has a healthy balance sheet of around $82 million in cash and equity holdings.

Among those holdings is a sizable stake in Gold Royalty Corp. (GROY), which GoldMining Inc. created roughly a year and a half ago. This high-revenue royalty/streaming company was formed from assets within GoldMining Inc.’s asset portfolio. Gold Royalty Corp. was launched successfully on the New York Stock Exchange and it raised over $90 million.

In addition, the company has a new venture in the works called U.S. GoldMining Inc., which will unlock value from GoldMining Inc.’s multi-million-ounce Whistler Gold-Copper Project in Alaska. U.S. GoldMining will be operated as a separate public company through an initial public offering or similar transaction, replicating the success of Gold Royalty Corp. and capturing favorable recent market valuations for Alaskan-based resource-stage gold and copper projects.

The capital reserves and the multi-metal deposits are there – and as we’ll soon see, GLDG won’t be the gold sector’s best-kept secret for much longer.


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