Death and Intervention in Syria

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prepares to step down following her multiple failures of foreign policy in Libya, the situation in Syria seems to be going unnoticed. President of Syria Bashar Al-Assad, plagued by a rebellion, has stated defiantly that he, “must live and die in Syria.” American intervention in Syria has been minimal thus far, limited to offering aid to refugees and the obligatory intelligence gathering that would be routine business for covert agencies on the situation.

Although the establishment press has attempted to swing American opinions in favor of intervention, thus far there have been no reports of American forces involved in assisting the rebellion. Syrian opposition is chastising the American government and the West for not intervening militarily in the affairs. News outlets even reported that Syrian opposition was in favor of a Mitt Romney presidency in hopes that the failed Republican candidate would have intervened.

American interventions in Arab nations over the past four years have been met with disastrous results. An early attempt to intervene in nations such as Libya to overthrow Mohammar Qadaffi turned the country over to Americas stated enemies. Meanwhile, Iraq and Afghanistan wobble on uneven stilts of power, still attempting to rebuild at the close of invasion and occupation. Egypts dictator Mubarak was also overthrown and currently a struggle for power to write the Constitution of that country is being won by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. These situations combined do not put America in a good position. After a decade of abuse, will Middle Eastern countries new governments treat us with respect?

Shocking Photographs from Syria have emerged and are posted below with a link to more content.

So should the job of America be to police the world? Or should we remain more neutral? Leave your thoughts below. 


The website with more photography is available here. 

Austin Petersen


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