Current And Former NFL Players Come Out In Support of Medical Marijuana

An ever-growing group of NFL players, current and former, are speaking out against the League’s substance abuse policy because it bans the use of cannabis, even for medical reasons.

Former superstars like quarterback Jim McMahon and current players like Eugene Monroe are leading the charge when it comes to vocalizing support for the NFL to change its rules.

For their part, the NFL says it has the right policy in place and doesn’t plan on changing it in the foreseeable future. One wonders how letting the very players on which the entire league’s success rests suffer is the “right policy,” but I don’t own a football team, so what do I know?

The bottom line is that everyone deserves access to medical marijuana. It shouldn’t matter if they are playing in the NFL or they are sitting at home watching the games on TV. Those who would deny people the right to choose their own medicine need to get out of the way and let the needless suffering end.

It should be noted that players are often injured and undergo a lot of pain. Teams are quick to prescribe pain killers but will punish them for smoking cannabis.

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