How to create a business card online?

A business card is the most demanded printing product and an indispensable accessory for a business or creative person. The appearance and contact information on a compact piece of cardboard can tell a lot about its owner or the organization it represents. In this article, you will learn how to create a business card online. And to develop a logo, which is usually printed on business cards, you can use the Turbologо online designer.

What is a business card

What is a business card? Surely many will think that there is nothing to talk about. Indeed: a tiny piece of cardboard with a surname, name and phone number, we need, perhaps, a person to whom we sometimes simply do not pay our attention. Yes, there are people who think this way – and there are just such business cards. But this tiny piece of cardboard can play a significant role in business life.

Your business card, first and foremost, represents you. The first impression means a lot. This is the first step towards cooperation, and it is important to leave a favorable impression. A business card can help you with this. Its peculiarity is that it works for you even when the meeting is already over.

You left a business card: this is not just information about you and your activities, this is your mini-advertising. Will this ad be successful? A positive answer to this question can only be expected if you have paid sufficient attention to the development and design of your business card. A good business card will tell about you both as a person and as a business partner. A very good business card can play an indispensable role in your business.

After a while, a business partner may not remember exactly what you look like, but your business card, well presented and interestingly designed, will be able to remind him of the result of your meeting. The look and feel of a good business card serve communication purposes. Everything is important here: the type of paper (its thickness, color, texture), dimensions (you can deviate from the traditional size to express the individuality of a person), various processing options (embossing, notch along the edge) and interesting graphic ideas.

How to make a business card online

If you are going to create a business card online, you need to think about the design. Nearly 72% of people say they judge a business based on the quality of their business card.

Design matters. Here are some tips on how to make your business card beautiful.

What should be the size of a business card?

If you don’t want a person to remember you with a “kind word” when they try to put a business card in their wallet, then use the standard 9×5 cm business card sizes. This is the standard size that has been used for many years and fits well into purses and pockets.

What data to indicate?

First, decide what information will be most useful. You should not try to fit in a small space all your contacts, social networks and biography. It will be enough to indicate your name, position, company, phone number and e-mail. Full name should be in the format: first name, and then last name (a different order is bad manners). If your business involves working with people of the “old school”, then you can add a patronymic.

Make text readable

The ideal option would be simple black letters on a white background. No need to use original design fonts or italics. Keep the font size at least 8pt so that you don’t lose quality when printing and don’t test anyone’s eyesight. Often, the full name is made a little larger than the rest of the text, especially if the name is rare and difficult to remember.

Get creative

Develop a design that looks simple and concise. It happens that the image speaks about the business much louder than words. So one side of a business card can be used to provide basic information and the other side to display your logo, product, or corporate design. Add air around the logo and other text. A business card is the face of a company, not a catalog or brochure.


Think the finish and texture of a business card is not important? Think again.

In addition to the fact that a person should like the visual design of a business card, the tactile sensations of the client are also important. The unusual structure and cover of a business card will make it stand out from hundreds of others, especially in small and medium-sized businesses, where business cards are most often made cheap and boring.

An important nuance: the paper and its quality must match the design of the business card. For example, if you spend a lot of money and time on developing an unrealistically cool layout, but save on paper, then this will not give the desired effect.

Indicate your occupation

A business card should tell you about your occupation. Indicate your position and the direction of your business so that a person can immediately understand how you can be useful to him.


Agree with the printing house in which color mode you need to provide the layout (CMYK, RGB) or select a pantone color. When preparing the layout, the size should be 98×58 millimeters. But keep in mind that the business card itself should fit in the area of ​​​​90×50 millimeters. The fact is that business cards are printed on a large sheet, which is then cut into finished products. There is a cutting error, and it is almost impossible to get exactly into the cut line.

Create a business card online

To create a business card online, you can use one of the online designers. As a rule, the algorithm is the same everywhere:

  • Open the site and press the “Create Design” button, select the “Business Card” tool;
  • Choose from a variety of business card templates, then drag and drop your logo and images onto the design;
  • Improve and design your business card online using various fonts, photo effects, stickers, backgrounds and more;
  • Check, save and then select the format and size of business cards you need.

A business card is the most important element of your company’s image. Make sure she looks perfect. We hope our tips will help you with this. Good luck!


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