Cops Forced To Chase A Rogue Cow That Escaped From A Manger Scene…Twice


Anders Hagstromon December 14, 2017

A mischievous Philadelphia cow escaped — twice — from her front row seat at the birth of Christ Wednesday, forcing police to close roads on a search to bring back the bovine.

The cow, named Stormy, had been at a local church’s live nativity scene for roughly a week before she made her first escape Tuesday morning, CBS Chicago reported. Stormy wandered to a nearby freeway, which police had to close to bring the cow back. Hours later, Stormy would escape again, this time only getting to nearby streets. Despite the inconvenience, the Philadelphia police department took the incident in stride.

“I wasn’t trained in seminary for lassoing cows. Being a pastor can be difficult but I’ve never done this one before,” Rev. Michael Caine said. “I’m a city boy, not a farmer.”

Police are still at a loss for how Stormy escaped her gated and locked area, and are reviewing nearby surveillance footage on the suspicion that someone intentionally helped the cow escape.

Stormy has been relocated to a more central space in the nativity scene, in hopes that it will be easier to keep track of her. She can now be observed munching hay right next to the baby Jesus.

“She’s very content, very comfortable, she has her needs met, she has water, she has hay all the time,” livestock manager Scott Moser told CBS.

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