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Written by Lee Enochs

 Like most Americans, I was absolutely horrified by the violence, hubris and utter chaos that unfolded at a White nationalist protest in Virginia this past weekend. Specifically, I am referencing the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville that attracted Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, white supremacists, and other far-right nationalist groups on August 11 and 12.

These virulent racists came to Charlottesville under the pretense of protesting the removal of Confederate monuments and memorials from public spaces and in particular, the proposed removal of a sculpture commemorating the late confederate general Robert E. Lee.

In response to this gathering of white nationalists and other racists, hundreds of counter protesters showed up, including the equally violent militant leftist group known as “Antifa.” Predictably, several violent scrimmages ensued between the initial protestors and counter-protesters. Tragically, one of the white nationalist protesters with alleged pro-Nazi sympathies committed vehicular homicide when he used his car to plow into a group of counter-protesters.

This act of despicable rage killed one woman and injured 19 other people, including five people who remain in critical condition. in a separate incident, two Virginia state troopers were killed seven miles southwest of Charlottesville when their police helicopter crashed while they were monitoring the simmering cauldron of rage and hostility that was unfolding beneath them.

As a life-long conservative and Libertarian, I am both appalled and angered at these series of events and while I believe in these groups First Amendment right to freedom of speech, these racist  groups are not benefiting the cause of conservatism in America today.

On the contrary, racism and hatred should have no place in the public arena today. We conservatives who truly love America and want to see the best of constitutional democracy preserved in the United States, need to disavow and repel these white nationalists from American conservatism immediately. We conservatives need to follow the example of the late great media pundit William F. Buckley Jr., who spent a considerable portion of his time as a public intellectual, expunging racists and other lunatics from the American conservative movement.

The American people need to understand that not all conservatives are racists or part of the white nationalist movement. There are many conservatives in this country, including myself that oppose racism and discrimination with unfashionable vehemence. If we conservatives do not do a better job at purging and distancing ourselves from these white nationalists, we run the risk of being delegitimized in the broader American culture forever.


  • Charles Martel Infidel-Goy

    Begging for acceptance from a culture that is controlled by an enemy, alien elite will get the movement nowhere, though it may get the individual mouthpieces doing it rewarded as good goys. The alt-Right has succeeded by manfully exposing enemy control over the mainstream culture and giving White people a fun alternative, not by begging.

    Also, the “Conservatism Inc.” establishment has already delegitimized itself by ignoring the interests of the only people who vote for constitutional conservatives in any appreciable numbers–White people. They attacked Ron Paul for patriotic stances like:
    -Opposing the NeoCohenservatives’ wasteful and criminal War in Iraq (pushed by neocons who infiltrated the conservative movement), which wasted our Soldiers’ lives and inflamed the Middle East for the benefit of one tiny, parasitical mideast country.
    -Exposing the financial scams of the Federal Reserve and bailouts of bankster criminals who benefit from the FED
    -Opposing welfare programs that take money from the productive class and subsidize its replacement by unproductive and foreign groups.

  • David Gentile

    There have Always been KKK and other hate groups, only Recently have they been mislabeled “Alt-Right” because they screech and act like a threat. Most of the Actual Violence, even on TV, seems to be coming from Alt-LEFT groups like BLM, Antifa and smaller lesser known groups. Conservatives as a whole don’t agree OR support this, However those who Believe in the USA are ALSO being Demonized, and THAT is where the Alt Left is making their biggest error. When Decent people finally get tired of being Threatened, they’re going to Light up these Domestic Terrorists making “Demands” and threatening “Civil War” and the Alt-Left will find that Plenty Of Military Vets stand with the Decent People, not the terrorists. Many of us Still practice, and we’d be Happy to demonstrate that the Next time we witness Police BEING ATTACKED as they were in Phoenix, Arizona. There was Broken Glass and Rocks the Size of my Hand on the street the next morning-I drove thru and SAW this-so the BS about “WE only threw empty water bottles” is just Another Lie being perpetrated by the Terrorists.