Comeback Bernie? Jill Stein offers Sanders Second Chance as Green Nominee

We thought it was all over for Bernie Sanders, this past month of June his campaign lost considerable steam as the inevitability of Hillary Clinton’s nomination has taken root. As noted by his multiple meetings with Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill who are probably trying to make sure the populist Sanders doesn’t already have or starts get any ideas about going rouge. Recently it’s been looking like he would fall in line, rumors about a possible endorsement of Mrs. Clinton this coming week are beginning to circulate. Yet if he really wants to lead the “political revolution” he has long been clamoring about his latest and last chance has now arrived. Jill Stein, presumptive Green Party nominee, has recently made a public statement promising to step down from her campaign for the nomination if Sanders would be willing to take the nomination during the party’s August convention. In her statement she said:

“I’ve invited Bernie to sit down explore collaboration – everything is on the table. If he saw that you can’t have a revolutionary campaign in a counter-revolutionary party, he’d be welcomed to the Green party. He could lead the ticket and build a political movement.” 

She also left the senator with a warning.

“If he continues to declare his full faith in the Democratic party, it will leave many of his supporters very disappointed.  That political movement is going to go on – it isn’t going to bury itself in the graveyard alongside Hillary Clinton.”

She may very well be right. Like the Libertarian Party nominee, Gary Johnson, Ms. Stein has gained unprecedented traction in the 2016 election cycle due to the highly unpopular major party presumptive nominees. So much so that like Johnson she is now included in mainstream polls. Yet her name recognition still lacks and many polls are indicating former Sanders supporters may just be willing to hold their noses and vote for Clinton. Can Sanders turn the Green Party’s chances around for her? Of course. The real question is, will he take her offer? The odds are slim, but then again this is an election season of unprecedented surprises, we can only wait and see.

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